Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 938 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 938

At that time, Josh did not take Jasmine seriously at all.

It was only until Aunt Rachel stopped setting up blind dates for Jasmine that he started to pay attention to Jasmine during Mrs. Dawson’s birthday party. He found Jasmine interesting.

After going on a blind date with Jasmine, he felt that she was his cup of tea. Similar to him, she enjoyed joining in on the fun and gossiping. Coincidentally, he knew a lot of juicy gossip. He could share it with someone who was eager to listen to gossip. Little by little, the thought of marrying Jasmine occurred to him.

“After all, I’m already in my 30s. I have common love knowledge. Furthermore, onlookers see most of the game. I can see things more clearly than Zachary and became his love consultant. Unfortunately, his relationship with Serenity is still a mess despite the help of an excellent love consultant.”

Jasmine let out a sigh. “Seren isn’t cold–hearted. It was because Zachary concealed his identity and lied to her. After Zachary allowed her to stay in her sister’s house, her anger is slowly subsiding.

“Seren’s current worry is that there’s a huge gap between Zachary and her in reality. She’s suffering from psychological stress because of Zachary and her future. Casting Seren aside, there’s a huge gap between our lives too. Having said that, my condition is much better than Seren’s.”

Jasmine had several apartments for rent and half a row of shop lots. If she sold them off, her assets would amount to over 100 million dollars based on the current market prices.

Of course, she could not compare with the Buchams. Josh’s parents had a few companies. Although they paled in comparison with Julian’s family, they were a wealthy family that kept a low profile. Josh did not want to take over his parents‘ company and went to York Corporation to realize his potential instead.

“We’re well–matched. There’s no gap between us at all.”

Jasmine glanced at him before she smiled and said, “I don’t feel inferior, nor do I think I’m unqualified to be with you.”

As a local of Wiltspoon, Jasmine’s father built wealth through opportune property investments. Since young, Jasmine had been living a rich life. As much as she disliked marrying into a wealthy family, she would not think that she was unqualified.

To her, there was a lot of adversity to jostle through in wealthy families. Her aunt, for example, suffered a lot after marrying Mr. Lowe.

Jasmine wanted to find a Wiltspoon local who had a stable job and several buildings for rent like her so that they were well–matched. After she got married, she would discuss who would collect the rent the next day with her partner. That would be their common topic.

“Seren isn’t inferior. She’s just too rational.”

Serenity had to step into the circle that she had never wanted to. That was way too stressful for her.

Josh understood her circumstances.

As the two of them were talking about relationships, they soon arrived at Wiltspoon Hotel.

Josh did not go into the basement parking lot. Instead, he parked in front of the hotel.

Just as Jasmine wanted to get out of the car, Josh reminded her, “The bouquet I gave to you.”

“Why should I bring the bouquet along for dinner?”

While mumbling, Jasmine got out of the car with the bouquet nevertheless.

Then, Josh spontaneously held her hand and brought her to the hotel.


A high–pitched female voice rang out. It was familiar to Josh but strange to Jasmine.

“Hurry up.”

Josh pulled Jasmine to quicken her pace.

While being pulled away, Jasmine turned around and saw a beautiful middle–aged woman rushing over in high heels.

She looked like Josh, or rather, Josh looked like that beautiful middle–aged woman.

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