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Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1714 by desirenovel-As long as Duncan treated her indifferently, appeared arrogant and unreasonable, was more violent and capricious, he would definitely make her leave. It could also change his image in her heart.

That way, when she met someone she liked in the future, she could marry the person she liked without any psychological burden.

Thinking of this, Duncan swore secretly that even if Liberty came to take care of him every day, he would have a way to make Liberty not even want a daily salary of $10,000, and stay away from him.

There was no movement in the ward, and Mrs. Lewis gently opened the door to come in to see what happened.

What she saw was his son tilting his head, quietly looking at Liberty who was lying asleep on the family bed.

Mrs. Lewis suddenly felt that it was right for her to invite Liberty to take care of her son.

As long as the son still loved Liberty, and Liberty took action, the son would be able to eat and sleep before doing rehabilitation.

Sensing that someone was coming, Duncan immediately turned his head, saw that it was his mother, he was silent for a moment, and then asked his mother: “Mom, Liberty said, you spent $10,000 a day to ask her to take care of me? “

“Yes, didn’t you say that it was Liberty who caused you to be like this? Since she caused you, let her take care of you until you recover as usual. Mom will also pay the salary of 300,000 a month. I can afford it.”

Duncan choked, and said: “Mom, you’re getting old and can’t bear it anymore, so you can go home and rest, just arrange for someone to take care of me, and you will come to see me every few days, and you don’t have to come every day.”

Seeing his parents with gray and white manes, Duncan felt uncomfortable.

“Duncan, it’s not that Mom and Dad don’t want to take care of you, Mom just thinks Liberty should be responsible for this matter.”

Mrs. Lewis spoke out of conscience.

“This matter has nothing to do with Liberty, it’s my fault.”

Duncan said nasty things in his mouth, blaming Liberty for causing him to have a car accident, it was to force Liberty to leave, to prevent Liberty from seeing him embarrassed and vulnerable look.

But when he heard that his mother had also blamed Liberty, he couldn’t help but speak up for Liberty.

Mrs. Lewis: “You said it was Liberty who caused your car accident. You said that, and you said it several times.”

Duncan was speechless by his mother.

Seeing that Liberty was not covered with a quilt, Mrs. Lewis walked over, picked up the thin quilt, and gently covered Liberty’s body.

Looking at Liberty’s sleeping face, Mrs. Lewis said softly: “Liberty is also very tired. She is in the breakfast business and needs to get up early. Sonny doesn’t live with her now and he goes to Zachary’s house to spend the night because she can’t take care of Sonny.

She has been busy all morning, and she still has to come over to take care of you, even more tired and sleepy. Duncan, if you feel sorry for Liberty, you can rest in peace of mind to recover from your injuries. You have recovered from your injuries, only then can she have a good rest. She is taking money to do things now, she has a sense of responsibility, and she will take care of this matter.”

Liberty refused to take money, but it did not prevent Mrs. Lewis from using this matter to deceive her son.

Besides, Liberty told Duncan the same way, saying that she was doing things with money.

Duncan remained silent.

Mrs. Lewis went to look at the insulated lunch box Liberty brought again, and seeing that it was empty, she turned her head and asked her son, “Have you drank the bone soup that Liberty brought?”

Duncan said angrily, “This woman doesn’t keep her promise, I agreed, I drank the soup, and she left, she walked for a while, and came back within ten minutes.”

Hearing her son’s complaints, Mrs. Lewis wanted to laugh. Liberty was really her son’s nemesis.

In the final analysis, it was because his son cared about Liberty that he was willing to drink the soup, otherwise, if he didn’t want to drink it, no one would be able to persuade him to drink the soup.

Mrs. Lewis held back her smile, and said, “Liberty did it. She said that after you drank the soup, she would leave, but she didn’t say that she was leaving the hospital. Since she walked away for a while, she did what she said. She didn’t say she would leave and not come back.”

Duncan choked again.

Knowing that his mother and Liberty were of one mind at this moment, it was useless for him to say anything.

Who told him to lie on the bed like a disabled person and couldn’t move?

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Married at First Sight Chapter 1714


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