Married at First Sight Chapter 1722 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1722 by desirenovel-It’s not a matter of work.

Serenity’s beautiful eyes twinkled, and she asked him again: “What’s the matter? You said, we are husband and wife, there is nothing to hide. You also said that no matter what happens in the future, you will never hide it from me again.”

“Wife.” Zachary said in a low voice, “I was teased.”

Serenity was dumbfounded.

Did she hear it wrong?

Anyone dare to tease Zachary?

He put on a coffin face all day long outside, exuding an aura of keeping strangers away from him, and he was followed by a team of bodyguards when he went in and out, preventing strangers from approaching him casually.

How could it be possible to be teased?

Serenity thought about it and asked, “Is it a man? The other party is gay, have you taken a fancy to you?”

Serenity felt that only if Zachary was of the same s-e-x would he allow others to approach him, and the other party would have a chance to flirt with him.

After Zachary was silent, his voice was still low: “It’s a woman. I’m talking about business with a client tonight. Mr. Dawson, that is, Mr. Dawson’s female secretary is also his only daughter, Analia. She hooked me when she shook hands with me.”

Then, Zachary let go of Serenity’s hand, raised his right hand that was hooked by Analia, and complained to his wife: “Wife, it’s this hand, it was sketched.”

Seeing his aggrieved and disgusted look, Serenity found it funny and a little irritating.

Although the couple had not held a wedding yet, it had already been officially announced. Who didn’t know that they were a legal couple?

Touching his handsome face, and looking at his suit and leather shoes, he was mature, calm, shrewd, capable, and all the words to describe a successful career were suitable for him. His whole body exuded a dignified aura. Such an excellent man was a magnet in himself, and he could become the focus of attention wherever he went.

It’s typical for someone to like him and fall in love with him, as she did.

No one liked him, and that’s not normal.

Most people like beautiful things.

He’s beautiful, and that’s what people like.

Serenity held his right hand, looked at his palm, and said with a smile, “Shall I wash your hands for you?”

Zachary didn’t speak, and acquiesced.

Serenity dragged him into the bathroom, put some hand sanitizer on his palm, scrubbed him several times, and then washed it repeatedly on the washbasin.

After a while, she said, “It’s been washed clean without leaving any trace.”

Zachary’s handsome face was still tense.

Serenity pulled him out and sit down on the sofa in the study.

Serenity turned her head to look at him, “Are you still angry?”

She touched his face, touched it and pinched it twice, “Whether it’s a man or a woman, if you look too good-looking, it’s easy to become a disaster.”

Zachary: “The appearance is natural, but not perfect, what can I do? You can’t disfigure yourself just because of some sluts.”

“Of course not, why would you disfigure yourself for others?” Serenity pulled up his right hand. She kissed his palms, and said, “I’ll help you erase the traces of that woman, don’t look disgusted, you can’t chop off your right palm.”

Zachary: “By the way, that Ms. Dawson is quite courageous. Even she dared to tease me. Aren’t you accompanied by Jim and the others? You are usually not young women when you talk about business.”

Everyone knew Zachary’s taboo, the bosses who wanted to discuss business with him would never bring a young and beautiful secretary, most of them brought a male secretary or their own wives.

Zachary: “I’m already married, who would have thought that… married men are not safe.”

Serenity laughed, “It is even more unsafe for married men. You are mature, steady, successful in your career, and many young girls just like charming person like you, who shout the slogan of pursuing true love, regardless of other people’s wives, and meddle in other people’s marriages.”

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1722~


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