Married at First Sight Chapter 1993 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1993 by desirenovel-Kevin smiled as he got off the car: “Okay.”

Donald saw that he had bought so many things and said to him: “Kevin, you are not allowed to buy so many things when you come over in the future. Our family does not lack anything. If we really want to say we are missing, we are also missing two people. My two children are still alone.”

Kevin smiled and said: “As long as Uncle Queen and Auntie don’t dislike it, I can fill one of the vacancies.”

Donald: “Can you make it up? Your family agrees?”

Kevin: “I am in charge of my affairs.”

Donald was relieved.

The couple had already taken a fancy to Kevin and wanted Kevin to be their son-in-law.

It was the daughter who said that Kevin had a wife candidate, and the couple lost their hearts. Unexpectedly, Kevin suddenly launched a passionate pursuit of his daughter, sending flowers and gifts every day.

Well, it’s only been two days.

But in the eyes of Queen’s family, Kevin’s two days of pursuing Hayden gave them a feeling that it had been two years.

“Uncle Queen, isn’t Auntie at home?”

Auntie Queen always went out by herself, that’s why Kevin asked.

Also, the relationship between the future in-laws was great. If only one person went out, the other must not be home.

Donald: “Your aunt has a friend’s birthday today. She invited her to a dinner party. They were all women, so I didn’t go with her, and she didn’t want me to. She said it was her childhood friend’s birthday party and there would be more topics to talk about.”

Donald took those gifts from Kevin, and once again said that Kevin had spent a lot of money, and reminded him not to buy so many things next time, otherwise he would not be allowed to enter the door.

The two entered the house together.

Donald leaned next to Kevin and whispered: “Kevin, I think your aunt and her friends are getting together to say bad things about us husbands, so they don’t need to bring their husbands. In the past, these women most wanted their husbands to be around.

If we are so busy at work that we don’t go home for a few days, we will suspect that we are raising our little ones and four little ones outside. We wish we could turn into pendants and hang them on us husbands. Today is abnormal, and it must be to speak ill of us.”

Kevin said with a smile: “Uncle Queen, you’re so kind to Auntie. You have never done anything wrong to Auntie. Auntie will not speak ill of you. She must be praising you in front of others.”

Thinking about being a husband and wife for decades, and having a pair of sensible and capable children, Donald smiled: “That’s what I thought too much.”

His wife won’t speak ill of him.

When the two entered the room, Mr. Queen asked Kevin, “Do you want some water?”

“No, I’m not thirsty. Uncle Queen, you’re going fishing. Let’s go early and see if we can catch some big fish and come back to make braised fish.”

Donald liked Kevin who didn’t treat him as an outsider. After he put down his things, he went to get fishing tools and handed them to Kevin: “Mine is in my car, and it’s for you. I was fishing in a nearby stream, the water in that stream was very clear, there were many fish, but the fish were not big.

I’m afraid I can’t make braised fish, but grilled fish is not bad. Then grill the fish, I’m good at grilling.”

As the two walked outside the house, Kevin boasted: “Uncle Queen, I will cook some special dishes for you tonight, and call your daughter Hayden and Hugh back for dinner.”

It’s time to show off his culinary skills.

He was in charge of the catering industry, and his cooking skills were the best among his brothers.

Donald stopped. He turned his head to look at Kevin.

Kevin also stopped and looked at Donald.

After a while, Donald quickly looked left and right to make sure there was no third person. He asked curiously in a low voice: “Kevin, you just said my Hayden is a woman?”

Kevin asked back: “Isn’t it?”


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