Married at First Sight Chapter 2624 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2624-There were still a few days left.

“Sister, what’s wrong?”

“Duncan and I are both busy today and don’t have time to pick Sonny up from kindergarten. You and Zachary can pick him up from kindergarten. Then send him to Hank. He said he wants to meet him.”

Hank said that he would not appear in front of Liberty again and would not disturb Liberty’s life.

He meant what he said.

If the Brown family wanted to see Sonny, Liberty would send Sonny to the community where she and Hank used to live. Mrs. Brown would wait at the door of the community. After handing Sonny over to Mrs. Brown, Liberty would leave and wait until Sonny wanted to see her. After returning home, the Brown family would send Sonny directly to the All-You-Can-Eat restaurant.

Serenity: “Okay, Zachary and I will pick up Sonny later. Will Sonny stay at Brown’s house for dinner?”

Liberty said, “Ask Sonny. If he is willing to stay there to eat, let him eat there. Tomorrow is a holiday on Saturday. You can let him stay at Brown’s house overnight. You and Zachary don’t have to wait there.”

Liberty knew that both Serenity and Zachary hated the Brown family.

Serenity hummed, “I understand. Sister, don’t worry and go about your business. I will pick up Sonny.”

Liberty quickly hung up the phone. Before hanging up, Serenity heard someone on the other side of the phone asking for Liberty and knew that her sister was a busy person right now.

“What’s wrong with Sister Liberty?” Elisa asked with concern.

“She’s too busy with work. She said she couldn’t leave to pick up Sonny. Let Zachary and I help pick up Sonny. The Brown family wants to see Sonny. I picked up Sonny and sent him to the Brown family. Tomorrow and the weekend, if Sonny wants to stay, let him spend the weekend at Brown’s house.”

Elisa asked, “Has the Brown family really disappeared?”

Serenity: “It’s over. Hank kept his promise. Except for watching Sonny, he and his family never bothered my sister again. If his family had realized this earlier, they wouldn’t have ended up like today.”

Jessica would be jealous, take risks, and do bad things, all because after Hank’s divorce, the Brown family regretted it and wanted Hank and Liberty to remarry. Jessica was also jealous in order to save her marriage. Step by step, they got to where they are today.

After checking the time, Serenity said to Elisa and Alice, “Cousin, Elisa, I’m leaving first. I’ll go back to the company to work next Tuesday.”

The latter sentence was said to Elisa.

Elisa said to her, “You are so anxious to go to work; why don’t you take a few more days of rest?”

Serenity pretended to sigh and said, “I am a hard-working person. I always feel unsatisfied when I am idle at home, so I should go back to the company to work.”

She went to work, and Zachary naturally went to work.

Elisa smiled and said, “Yes, yes, everyone in Wiltspoon is envious of your hard-working life. Go pick up Sonny quickly. If you are late, Sonny will be unhappy again.”

Serenity walked out of Alice’s room.

Zachary saw her coming downstairs, stood up, and walked to the stairs to wait for her.

There were still two more steps, so he reached out to help her.

Zachary asked, “Want to go home?”

“Sister said she was too busy today and couldn’t leave. She asked us to help her pick up Sonny and then send Sonny to the Brown family. The Brown family wants to see him.”

Zachary smiled. “Then let’s tell Aunt and go pick up Sonny.”

He shook Serenity’s hand. Serenity looked at him, and he winked at her, and she knew that he had something to say to her.

The young couple said goodbye to Mrs. Stone.

“What do you want to say to me?”

After the car drove out of the Stone family’s villa, Serenity asked Zachary.


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