Married at First Sight Chapter 2629 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2629-“How many important things do you have to deal with? Do you trust me? Do you want me to help you deal with it?”

Kevin asked.

Hayden said, “No need. Has Matriarch Farrell returned to Jensburg?”

Kevin said, “On the way back from Jensburg Airport by taxi, it will probably take another forty minutes to get there.”

Kevin raised his hand and looked at the time and said, “You can work for another half an hour, and then we will go to the hotel. The timeline will be just right.”

By the time they arrived at the hotel, it was dinner time, and Matriarch Farrell would just think that they happened to see the good show and would not suspect that Kevin was planning it.

“Would you like to go see a good show?” Kevin asked Hayden again.

Hayden glared at him and said, “You told me, can I not go and watch it? Of course I have to watch such a wonderful show.”

At the end, she glared at Kevin again and complained, “I’m not a lively person to begin with, but you will lead me astray.”

She actually agreed to go with him to join in the fun and watch the show.

Kevin chuckled. “You are just too serious. Life is only a few decades. You should be relaxed and happy and watch good shows when they come. Like Josh, he is always at the forefront. His mentality is great; a person like him can live to be a hundred years old.”

“When the sky falls, I will use it as a quilt to cover you, but you are too burdened with your thoughts. Hayden, not only for my sake but for your own sake, I think you should openly admit that you are a woman. I think after you make it clear, you will feel as if your entire body has relaxed.”

Hayden said to him, “I’m just going to say a few words to you. You’ve talked to me about the big principles of life. Sit aside and don’t disturb my work.”

Kevin smiled. “Okay, I’ll sit aside, and you can work first.”

As he said that, he turned to look at the door of the office and asked her, “Hayden, will someone come in without knocking? Or just knock on the door and come in without waiting for your response, like I did just now.”

“Except for you and Hugh, there won’t be a third person like this.”

Hayden had already returned to work and was too lazy to pay attention to this chatterbox.

Kevin sat down on the sofa. With nothing to do, he secretly took pictures of Hayden, who was working hard with her mobile phone. He felt that Hayden was really handsome. No wonder so many girls admired her and were crazy about her.

If he were a girl, he would miss Hayden for the rest of his life and never look down on other men again.

The more he thought Hayden was outstanding, the more Kevin understood how much those ladies from famous families in Jensburg hated him.

When he first got close to Hayden, Hayden’s admirers were still waiting for Hayden at the door of Queen Enterprise every day, hoping to see Hayden and have a few words with Hayden.

Hayden treated all suitors with indifference.

They all thought they had hope, even though none of them really did. Since Hayden didn’t favor any of them, they were all in the same situation.

The appearance of Kevin broke their equality.

They all lost to this man, Kevin.

The fact that their love rival was a man was a huge blow to them, and they would even compete with Kevin at first.

Kevin once had a verbal battle with his love rivals.

When Hayden became more and more tolerant towards Kevin, sometimes even gentle, those women who admired Hayden gave up completely.

It turned out that it wasn’t that they were bad, but that Hayden was weird, because Hayden liked men, so it didn’t matter how good they were; they couldn’t win her heart.


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