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Married at First Sight Chapter 2634-Matriarch Farrell did not have an attack immediately. She asked, “Excuse me, is Holden here?”

The girl asked, “Who is it? Who is looking for me?”

Holden happened to come out of the bathroom. He had just finished taking a shower.

He was wiping his hair with a dry towel when he heard the question.

Holden was dumbfounded when he saw Matriarch Farrell standing at the door.

He thought he had been dazzled, so he quickly wiped his eyes, and when he looked again, he still saw Matriarch Farrell’s face, no matter how well-maintained it was, still showing signs of the vicissitudes of time.

“Honey, the lady is looking for you.” The girl turned her body away and said to Holden:

She actually guessed a possibility in her heart: Holden’s wife came here.

The girl didn’t care. Matriarch Farrell just came to her door. She didn’t know how many first wives had come to her door and torn her apart. As long as she didn’t find a man in the upper-class circle, the real financial backer behind her would not know.

Who told her that her sponsor didn’t come to see her very often? She was aware that she was surrounded by women and that she might not remember them. Fortunately, her pocket money was not taken away, and she could still see that sponsor’s mistress. She lives up to her reputation by convincing others that she was one of the benefactor’s favorite women, so no one dared to k*ll her.

“Wife, why are you back?”

Holden’s face turned pale, and he stammered as he asked Matriarch Farrell.

The hand holding the towel was shaking.

Didn’t Matriarch Farrell say it would be a few days before she could come back?

Why is she standing at the door of his room now?

To his death, his wife caught him cheating on him.

Thinking of the methods used by Matriarch Farrell, Holden’s legs became weak and kept shaking. Suddenly, he turned to point at the girl who had lit a cigarette and was puffing away smoke and said, “Wife, it was she who seduced me.”

The girl said, “Hey, old ghost, it’s obviously you who said you like me very much. You give me expensive gifts every day, treat me to dinner, please me in every way, and give me a lot of pocket money. It’s you who shamelessly pursue me, so I do this. How can you say I seduced you when I am reluctantly with you?

I want to seduce, and I also seduce young and handsome guys. Why do I want to seduce you, an old man?”

The girl refuted Holden’s words. She came over, blew out a puff of smoke at Holden, and then said to Matriarch Farrell, “Are you his wife? You are so old. Your husband thinks you are old and unsentimental, so he just likes me. Even if I am not here today, there will be someone else.

Old woman, you’d better take care of your old man. Don’t stare at me. I’m XX’s mistress. Your husband seduces me. If XX finds out, he’ll take advantage of your husband.”

After saying that, the girl squeezed Matriarch Farrell away and left.

Matriarch Farrell made a sudden move and grabbed the girl’s wrist. With a pull, the girl was pulled back.


There was a round of applause.

Matriarch Farrell didn’t care whose mistress this b*tch was; he’d die if he dared to steal her man!

She was merciless, firing her bow from left to right, and her movements were fast and cruel. Before the girl could react, she hit her face until both sides were red and swollen, and even the corners of her mouth were bleeding.

After slapping the woman several times, Matriarch Farrell kicked her in the stomach again, causing her to fall back to the floor in the room.

When Holden saw this, he kneeled down in front of Matriarch Farrell with a bang.

“Wife, wife, I…”

After Matriarch Farrell gave that b*tch a good slap, she also did not let go of Holden.

She hated men even more when it came to cheating.

She also knew what kind of virtue her husband had.

This b*tch was certainly shameless and hateful, but her husband was even more hateful.

It was Holden who had the intention of cheating that led to this b*tch.

If Holden was devoted to her and treated her wholeheartedly, even if this b*tch stripped naked and climbed up, he would also be indifferent to his bed.


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