Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 946 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 946

Then he passed the fast food he had bought to Serenity and whispered, “The boss has been working like mad lately. He hasn’t been eating properly. Whenever we send him food, he keeps forgetting to eat.”

Serenity took the fast food, and said, “Got it. I’ll remind him.”

Jim was extremely grateful.

After closing the door, Serenity took a few deep breaths to suppress the heartache and anger she was feeling. When she walked into the kitchen, she saw Zachary pressing a hand against his stomach with his other hand supporting him against the kitchen counter, seemingly in a lot of pain.

“You’re having a stomachache, aren’t you?”

An angry voice filled the room.

He did not have to turn his head to know it was his esteemed wife.

Zachary stood up straight in a flash, but the pain emanating from his stomach twisted his expression.

Serenity felt her heart ache incredibly when she saw this and went forward to support him. She helped him out of the kitchen and pressed him down onto the sofa, asking, “Does your stomach hurt?”

“Seren, I–I just need to bear with it for a bit and I’ll be fine. I might just be hungry… I–1 forgot to eat.”

Facing his wrathful, beloved wife, Zachary felt extremely guilty.

He did not starve himself on purpose. It was just that when he was focused on his work, he kept forgetting to pay attention to his body.

It was not just the past few days. Since Valentine’s Day, he had not eaten properly. Even if he remembered to eat, he did not enjoy it. The meal he had enjoyed the most recently was the lunch he had at the Stones‘ residence earlier.

Serenity opened the bag of takeout Jim had brought. There was a bowl of soup and Serenity took that out first, letting Zachary first have some of that before the pasta.

“After dinner, I’ll bring you to the hospital to get some medication prescribed.”

The Yorks had a family doctor, but this man probably would not let the family doctor see him.

“There’s no need to see a doctor. I’ll be fine after I eat.”

Recently, he often only realized he had not eaten after he got so hungry his stomach. hurt.

“Hurry up and eat!” Serenity coldly ordered.

After he started eating, she entered the kitchen to turn the stove off. The hot cocoa he was preparing for her was done.

Carrying the piping hot drink out from the kitchen, Serenity saw that Zachary was already done with his food.

“If you have gastric problems, you should eat slower. Don’t eat too fast. Once I’ve finished this, I’m bringing you to the hospital.”

“Seren, there’s no need to.”

Serenity glared at him and said coldly, “I said we’re going, so we’re going!”

Zachary snuck a glance at his wife’s expression.

He no longer dared say anything like he was not going to the hospital.

“I heard you’ve been working like mad lately.”

Zachary answered carefully, “I’ve always been very busy. I–I’m not deliberately using work to numb myself.”

Serenity knew he was very busy. Back when they just registered their marriage, shel got home late and he got home even later than she did.

As the head of a large corporation, his schedule was packed to the brim every day. Every single minute was very valuable and cost a lot of money.

Lately, possibly due to their relationship, he worked even harder than normal.

She thought about what he said before, that he would work hard to earn even more money. Afterwards, as long as she was willing to cooperate with him and go through the formalities, she could become the richest woman in Wiltspoon at any time.

Serenity’s heart ached.

After the anger and resentment subsided, she found that her heart ached more for him.

Serenity glared at him in silence.

Zachary was actually very nervous.

He clasped his hands together, glancing at his beloved wife’s expression from time to time. Maybe because he was overly nervous, he felt that his stomachache this time did not recede after eating and continued to emit waves of pain.

Serenity picked up her phone, went to get her car keys, then said with a still icy expression on her pretty face, “I’m bringing you to the hospital.”

“Seren, you still haven’t finished your drink.”

“I’m not in pain right now. The one in pain is you.” Serenity rebutted, but still drank her hot cocoa.


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