Married at First Sight Chapter 1732 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1732 by desirenovel-Serenity: “You go, can you rest assured Sonny?”

Zachary fell silent. He was not at ease.

Serenity: “I will definitely come with you next time. Don’t try to look serious. You need to go upstairs and change your clothes before you can leave. Don’t keep Mr. Dawson waiting.”

“Come upstairs with me, help me pick a suit.” Zachary made a request.

Serenity picked up Sonny and got up and left, “Didn’t I get you all of your clothes? They’re all black that you like, there’s no difference between them, and you can wear any of them because they all look good on you. Your body looks like a hanger. No matter what you wear, you look great.

Now the tie you wear every day is also bought by me, and you don’t have to choose which one is the one I bought for you. Extra points for being personable.”

Zachary muttered in a low voice: “I want you to help me put it on.”

Serenity turned her head to look at him, and said with a smile, “Hurry up.”

Zachary laughed. Taking a step forward and hugging Sonny out of Serenity’s arms, “I’ll carry Sonny upstairs, don’t tire you, Sonny is much heavier than when I first met him.”

Serenity: “At that time he was only two years old, now he is three years old, one year’s time, the weight should not grow a little, my sister and I have to worry about him.”

Zachary smiled lowly.

How time flies.

Sonny was three years old.

A few minutes later, the couple entered the room with Sonny, and Serenity went to help Zachary get a suit and tie.

She thoughtfully helped Zachary put on his suit jacket.

Sonny who was sitting on the side saw this scene, he made a shameful gesture towards Zachary, and said, “Uncle is embarrassed and requests that my aunt help him dress.”

Zachary: “…”

When he didn’t ask Serenity to help him get dressed when he was undressed, but simply asked his wife to assist him in putting on a coat, Sonny shamed him!

Serenity laughed at Zachary: “Look, Sonny is ashamed by you because you want me to dress you when you are so old.”

Zachary said to Sonny: “Sonny is ashamed, and at such an age, your aunt needs to hug you.”

“I’m still a child.” Sonny said confidently.

Zachary smiled, “Didn’t Sonny usually say that you have grown up? When you grow up, you can’t let your aunt hug you. Your aunt is my wife and can only hug me.”

“My aunt only hugs you! Why can’t I?”

Zachary: “Your aunt is my wife.”

“Aunt is only mine!” Sonny emphasized unconvinced.

“Husband.” Serenity helped him put on his tie, and said with a smile: “You are almost 30 years older than Sonny, and you still compete with Sonny to win or lose. If you don’t mind embarrassing me, I will embarrass you.”

Zachary laughed: “If you lose face for me, I don’t feel ashamed anymore.”

Serenity: “…”

Zachary wanted to compete Sonny, but Serenity soon pushed him out the door.

“Serenity, you don’t care about me anymore. I want to go out. You are not as reluctant as others, and you even urged me to go out.” Zachary walked out of the house, complaining that Serenity didn’t care enough for him.

Sam who followed behind were all snickering.

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1732~


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