Married at First Sight Chapter 1733 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1733 by desirenovel-“I don’t care about you, I care about Sonny, who is not feeling well, otherwise I will accompany you.” Serenity was funny talking about him.

Before getting into the car, Zachary hugged Sonny, and said to Sonny: “Sonny, Uncle really envies you. You can cling to your aunt every day. Unlike Uncle, there are many things waiting for Uncle to deal with every day.”

“Uncle, when I grow up and have the ability, I will help you with errands, and you can have a vacation.” Sonny’s childish words made Zachary laugh.

“Sonny, you’re such a good boy, it’s not in vain that your uncle loves you so much.”

Because of his happiness, Zachary took a sip of Sonny’s little face, and said with a smile: “Your uncle’s work is difficult to handle, if Sonny wants to help uncle, you can study hard after school starts, and you will be able to help uncle when you grow up.”

Sonny nodded vigorously, “Uncle, I will study hard. Mom said that knowledge can change everything …Anyway, I must study hard.”

Sonny couldn’t remember what his mother said for a while, but he could give a general idea.

“Yes, you have to listen to your mother and aunt.” Zachary put down Sonny, looked at his beloved wife, and really wanted to hug his wife and have a good time, but because of the presence of Sonny, he had to give up.

Zachary: “Serenity, I’m going to see Mr. Dawson.”

Serenity: “Go.”

After Serenity finished speaking, she thought for a while and added another sentence: “I will miss you. When Sonny’s fever subsides completely, I will take him out to relax in the afternoon, and then go to the company to find you.”

Only then did Zachary go out satisfied.

Serenity stood at the entrance of the villa with Sonny, watching Zachary’s Rolls Royce go away surrounded by several bodyguard cars, and then she led Sonny back.

“Auntie, I want to go out to play.” Sonny asked while walking.

Serenity: “Sonny, your fever hasn’t gone away all the way yet. Why don’t you go play outside when you’re done?”

Sonny pouted, looking unhappy.

He wouldn’t cry or even roll all over the floor like other kids do when adults can’t meet their needs. He would just make a sad face and let adults see how sad he was. This could go on for a long time.

Serenity pinched his mouth lightly, and jokingly said: “It’s so high that you can hang two catties of pork. Auntie will take you around here.”

Sonny became happy now.

The aunt and nephew didn’t enter the house, but turned around and walked out.

Seeing this, Sam immediately arranged for two bodyguards to follow the nephew and aunt not too far away. Even though the security level here was very high, the eldest and young mistress could also fight with fists, and Sam dared not be careless.

The aunt and nephew wandered outside for a long time, until Sonny said that he was tired and wanted to go home.

Serenity led him home and touched his forehead, probably because he was sweating from walking and felt his body temperature drop.

“Auntie, give me a hug.”

Sonny was about to hug.

Serenity picked him up and said: “Auntie can’t hold Sonny for too long, she will walk on the ground soon.”

Sonny put his arms around her neck and said nothing.

It meant that he wanted his aunt to carry him back home.

If his uncle Zachary was there, he could carry Sonny back home.

Serenity hugged Sonny for a while, and was about to let him go to the ground, but the little guy was really tired from walking and refused to go to the ground.

The following bodyguards rushed forward, and they carried Sonny home.

Back in the villa, as soon as Sonny entered the door, Sam, the butler walked over with a large bouquet of flowers. He still had a few bags hanging on his hands, which looked like bags for clothes.

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1733~


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