Married at First Sight Chapter 1997 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1997 by desirenovel-Shiloh stood at the door of the Queen Enterprise, looking at the cars going away, stomping her feet in anger.

She was too hard to chase this woman.

She saw that Kevin had the cheek to openly pursue Hayden, Shiloh studied with Kevin, and began to formally pursue Hayden.

In the past, she liked Hayden, but she didn’t dare to pursue him. Because of the rules of the Farrell family, the head of the family could only recruit a son-in-law.

Hayden was the head of the Queen Enterprise, so outstanding, unless Hayden loved her deeply, Hayden would not be the son-in-law of the Farrell family.

Knowing this, Shiloh did not pursue Hayden as enthusiastically as other admirers.

It’s different now. She was no longer the successor of the Farrell family, no matter how much her adoptive mother loved her, she couldn’t violate the century-old family rules of the Farrell family, everything that originally belonged to her would be snatched away by Kathryn.

Shiloh was not reconciled.

The only benefit of stepping down as a successor was that she could boldly pursue the man she liked.

Unexpectedly, Hayden was willing to entangle with Kevin, and didn’t want to talk to her, which made Shiloh very angry, and felt that she was not as good as Kevin.

Could it be that Hayden is gay like Kevin?

After standing for a few minutes, Shiloh went home full of anger.

Her car had just driven into Farrell’s big villa, and Kathryn also came back with her newly bought luxury car. Kathryn’s new luxury car was also a Maybach, Shiloh felt that Kathryn wanted to drive like Hayden car.

Kevin’s car was also a Maybach.

Shiloh used to drive a Porsche. Since she became the second lady of the Farrell family from the successor, her driving had also dropped to a lower level. It was no longer a million-dollar car, but an ordinary car with hundreds of thousands, or it was a low-end vehicle of a famous car.

The Porsche she used to drive was taken by Kathryn, but Kathryn didn’t drive that Porsche, but sold it.

But Shiloh was half dead with anger.

She didn’t even know how Kathryn coaxed her mother to give Kathryn her Porsche.

Kathryn wanted to go there but didn’t drive, instead she sold it as a second-hand car.

It cost a lot of money to buy a new car, but it didn’t cost much to sell a used car.

Kathryn, the real daughter and future successor of the Farrell family, wanted to resell the luxury car to earn that little money, which was too petty.

While Shiloh was furious, she spread the news about Kathryn selling her luxury car for money, trying to make everyone laugh at Kathryn’s pettiness, as if she had never seen money in eight lifetimes, and she wanted to earn even a little money.

Kathryn grew up in the countryside and never saw much of the world. The money she got from selling a second-hand car was probably the most money Kathryn had ever seen.

If Shiloh said this to her friends, it was ironic that Kathryn had never seen the world.

In Farrell’s family, everyone’s monthly pocket money was limited.

After Kathryn returned, Farrell’s parents agreed that Kathryn had been wronged for more than 20 years outside, and she should be compensated properly, so the pocket money given to her was $100,000 per month.

Apart from the pocket money of her elders, Kathryn had the most pocket money among her peers.

$100,000 a month for ordinary people, it took more than a year to earn this money.

But for the wealthy, $100,000 couldn’t buy a more expensive Hermès bag.

So Shiloh said that Kathryn was so poor that she wanted to sell her Porsche.


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