Married at First Sight Chapter 2638 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2638-At the same time, Kathryn was on her way home.

After Matriarch Farrell returned to Jensburg, Kathryn received the news of her return through Pedro Fraser.

She also knew that Matriarch Farrell came back from the airport and went straight to the Fortress Hotel. Without asking, she knew that Matriarch Farrell went directly to catch the r@pist.

Kathryn didn’t know about Holden’s recent love affair on the surface, but she knew it very well in her heart. In Kevin’s words, Kathryn was mainly planning this matter, and Kevin was just adding fuel to the fire behind the scenes.

At this moment, after being told to go home, Kathryn knew that Matriarch Farrell’s anger had reached its highest point.

She first lit a candle for Holden silently in her heart.

Kathryn’s three brothers were always on tenterhooks.

They didn’t know why Matriarch Farrell suddenly informed them all to go home.

They didn’t even know why Matriarch Farrell came back early? Didn’t she say it would take a few more days to come back?

When Kathryn returned home, Shiloh and her three sisters-in-law were all there.

Her brothers were behind her.

When the three brothers and Kathryn met at home, Eldest Young Master Farrell said to Kathryn, “Kathryn, didn’t you even know that mom was coming back early? You didn’t even know to tell us. The news about you, the successor of the Feng family, is too late.”

Kathryn said, “Eldest brother, you and mom are even closer. You don’t even know that Mom is coming back early, let alone me. When mom is at home, I am the one who gets scolded every day. I won’t tell anyone if Mom comes back early. Also, you are not cooperating with me. I have no supporters, and the news is lagging behind. Is it not as good as you want?”

With that said, Kathryn left her three brothers behind and went into the house first.

Eldest Young Master Farrell said to his two younger brothers, “Look at this country bumpkin. I said a few words to her, and she replied with a lot of words. She has no ability, and the news is delayed. She has the nerve to blame us. It is obvious that she has no ability.”

“That’s correct, a country bumpkin is a country bumpkin, and a dragon robe will not transform her into a prince.”

The second young master, Farrell, echoed his eldest brother’s words.

“Eldest brother, second brother, let’s go in too. I don’t know why Mom called us back. I always feel that the atmosphere is wrong. Even the servants can’t see it. Who knows if they will complain to Mom, and Mom will settle the score with us?”

The three brothers laughed. They were all the same thing.

If there was something wrong in their hearts, they always worried that things were related to them.

“Mom didn’t just know what we were doing outside today. We were just having fun, and we won’t marry those women back. We have to socialize every day and often walk by the river. Who doesn’t get his shoes wet? In Shiloh’s words, As long as we know how to go home and our wives’ position does not change theirs, it will be fine.”

Eldest Young Master Farrell said so and hurriedly walked into the house.

The three brothers entered the room and noticed that the atmosphere was tense and quiet. No one dared to speak, so they subconsciously slowed down their steps.

When the three young ladies saw their husbands coming back, they all looked at them.

The eldest young master Farrell asked his wife what was going on with his eyes.

However, soon, they knew what was going on.

They saw their father, Holden, kneeling at the keyboard.

Holden’s face was bruised, his nose was swollen, and there were blood stains on his clothes. The blood should be his own, because there were blood stains on his face and mouth.


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