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Married at First Sight Chapter 2641-The three young masters of the Farrell family were so frightened that they dared not speak out.

Even though their mother was usually very kind to the three of them, although they could not become the heirs of the Farrell family like their younger sister, Kathryn, and their surname was not Farrell but followed their father’s surname of Janzen, it was a fact that they were young masters of the Farrell family.

But outsiders called them the young masters of the Farrell family.

The Farrell Group also had their position, which was not low, and they were all positions that could make money.

After their younger sister, Kathryn, joined the company, although her position was not low, she was scolded by Matriarch Farrell every day. Unless they committed suicide or did something big wrong, Matriarch Farrell would not scold them.

But when Holden angered Matriarch Farrell and implicated them, they wished they could become invisible. It would be best to be invisible so as not to face Matriarch Farrell’s anger.

They knew very well how controlling Matriarch Farrell was over Holden.

In the Farrell family, Holden was the poorest person, and the servants all carried more money than Holden.

“Tell me, which one of you gave your dad money? Since I went to Wiltspoon, how much have you given him? It’s best to tell me honestly. Otherwise, all your pocket money will be stopped. In the future, you will earn your own money and spend it on your own; you can’t spend another penny of the Farrell family’s money!”

Erika quickly said, “Mom, dad borrowed money from me. I thought since dad is my father-in-law, he didn’t need to borrow money from me, so I gave dad $1000 directly. Dad took the money and said the money I gave was too little.

When Marco and I were arguing, my dad scolded me, saying that I was useless and that if I couldn’t take care of my husband, my husband would cheat. So when my dad borrowed money from me later, I refused.”

The second young mistress said, “Dad said he has no money. He is having a party with his friends. He wants to have a treat, but he can’t pay for it. It’s so embarrassing. I think of a grown man who can’t even afford $500; it’s a bit embarrassing, and since he is my father-in-law, I gave Dad $500. Later, my sister-in-law complained to me that my father was partial to his cheating son, and she blamed us as daughters-in-law for being useless. I got angry and stopped giving him.”

The third young mistress said: “After I found out that my husband was cheating on me, I made a big fuss and went back to my parents’ house for a few days. When I came back, my dad went out early and came back late every day. I could hardly see him, and he didn’t follow me, so I didn’t give dad a penny while you were away, mom.”

Kathryn also said, “Mom, I never gave dad any money.”

Holden and Kathryn had no father-daughter relationship, and Holden didn’t care about her. He knew he couldn’t get money from her, so he never spoke to her.

The three brothers and Shiloh were pale and hesitant, unable to speak a word.

They gave the most, especially the eldest son, Marco, and Shiloh. The money given to Holden during this period was at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Marco gave him hundreds of thousands.


Matriarch Farrell slapped the coffee table and sternly ordered his children to tell the numbers.

The three brothers and Shiloh were frightened and did not dare to hesitate any more, so they told the numbers honestly.

They all have transfer records, and anyone could tell how much money they gave to Holden by looking at the transfer records.

The money Holden got from his children turned out to be millions.

Matriarch Farrell was so angry that she shouted, “All four of you, kneel down!”

The three brothers quickly knelt down.

“Mom, I didn’t know that dad was using my money to pay homage to him to pick up girls. I was just filial to dad.”

Shiloh walked to sit down next to Matriarch Farrell, hugged one of Matriarch Farrell’s arms, and said coquettishly, “Mom, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry. If you are angry, we will feel bad for you.”

Matriarch Farrell shook off Shiloh’s hand and said coldly, “Didn’t you hear what I said?”


Shiloh shouted reluctantly. She had been the apple of her parents’ eye since she was a child and had never knelt down.


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