Married at First Sight Chapter 2642 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2642-When she was a child, when her three brothers got into trouble, Matriarch Farrell would scold them, even beat them, and make them kneel down, but she was never punished.

Matriarch Farrell stared at her coldly.

Shiloh felt a chill in her heart and had no choice but to walk to the side of her three brothers and kneel down reluctantly.

She cursed Holden in her heart for causing her misery.

She knew that Holden actually wanted money to pick up girls. Thinking that Holden had been suppressed by Matriarch Farrell for decades and that it was rare that Holden could relax when Matriarch Farrell was not at home, she gave Holden hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She was wronged.

“You two, father and daughter, can talk to yourselves!”

Matriarch Farrell ordered.

Holden had a fat face and said, “Wife, my face was swollen like a pig’s head because of your beatings.”

Matriarch Farrell: “Are you going to do it yourself or let me do it?”

Holden: “Wife, I’ll do it myself. You’re tired of beating me, and it hurts your hand. I still feel bad for you.”

Holden quickly licked his lips, but in his heart he hated Matriarch Farrell.

Holden was two years older than Matriarch Farrell, but he was well-maintained and looked like he was in his early fifties. His needs were quite strong, but as Matriarch Farrell got older, she didn’t like it anymore, and she was busy with work, and Holden didn’t even know how long he had been vegetarian.

Holden just went out to vent, and Matriarch Farrell didn’t support him, let alone bring him home.

Matriarch Farrell publicly taught him a lesson outside, which made him lose his dignity and face. When he got home, she had to teach him a lesson in front of his daughter and daughter-in-law, which made him lose his face.

Holden, who had been suppressed for decades, was originally extremely dissatisfied with Matriarch Farrell, but he just didn’t dare to show it. But he was resentful, and he still didn’t dare to show it. He was afraid that Matriarch Farrell would no longer help the Janzen family.

For a moment, the hall was filled with slaps and bangs.

Shiloh was just showing off.

Erika suddenly said to Matriarch Farrell, “Mom, look at Shiloh; even if she touches her face, her face is not even red. Look at my husband; his face is swollen.”

Erika had no sympathy at all when she saw Matriarch Farrell punishing Marco.

Of course, Erika was even more pleased that Shiloh, the fake sister-in-law, was punished.

During this period, the relationship between Shiloh and her three sisters-in-law plummeted. Her three sisters-in-law finally understood that no matter how nice they were to Shiloh, it was useless. She would not sympathize with the experiences of their three sisters-in-law. Shiloh stood on the side of her three cheating brothers.

On the contrary, it was Kathryn, their biological sister-in-law. They had treated Kathryn a lot badly in the past, and if something happened, Kathryn would stand firmly by their side, vent their anger for them, and also give them some relief.

Seeing Shiloh acting pretentious at this moment, Erika took the opportunity to complain, but she couldn’t let Shiloh get away with it like this.

Matriarch Farrell glanced at Shiloh.

Shiloh was so angry that she glared at Erika.

“Shiloh, do you have no strength in your hands?” asked Matriarch Farrell.

Shiloh said, “Mom, I’m a little dizzy and feel weak all over. Maybe I have a cold.”

She pretended to faint.

The angry Matriarch Farrell was neither soft-hearted nor distressed at all. She ordered Erika: “Since Shiloh has no strength, please help her and let her remember.”


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