Married at First Sight Chapter 2646 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2646-Matriarch Farrell added, “When I beat them violently, it should have been caught on camera.”

Kathryn said, “Mom, it’s useless to ask Kevin to delete CCTV footage. So many people in the hotel have seen it. Besides, Kevin may not be willing to delete it. He never gives our Farrell family face.”

Matriarch Farrell choked.

Yes, she just went to Kevin to delete the CCTV footage. What’s the use?

With so many people watching, she must have been filmed a long time ago. Now the Internet is probably full of videos of her catching and r@ping scmbag men and btches.

What Kathryn said was true. Kevin couldn’t delete the surveillance even if no one else had taken pictures of her. He really never gave her the Farrell family face.

Serenity was her sister’s granddaughter, and she also had a bit of Farrell family blood in her body, and she also had a blood feud with her.

Her niece, Audrey, was doing very well in Wiltspoon. She was the wife of a businessman. She was very powerful when she was young. Now she has retired, but she still has the right to speak in the Stone Group, and her children are filial.

Audrey was somewhat different from what happened back then.

But decades have passed since the incident, and no one has been able to collect evidence to prove that she planned the deaths of her elder sister and younger sister.

But what Audrey meant was to take back the position of matriarch and hand it over to Elisa, Serenity, or Liberty.

With such grudges, how could Kevin give face to the Farrell family?

Kevin would only rejoice in Matriarch Farrell’s misfortune when her husband betrayed her.

“Mom, if a video like that appears on the Internet, I will have someone deal with it immediately.” Kathryn said.

She was thinking that it would probably spread throughout Jensburg now.

After all, it’s been two hours since the incident happened.

After Matriarch Farrell was silent, she said, “Forget it; let them go. Even if we can get rid of those videos, we can’t stop their mouths.”

Not to mention others, she didn’t have the ability to stop Kevin and Hayden’s mouths.

Anyway, she was not wrong.

She wasn’t afraid of what others would say.

That is, Holden’s reputation was completely ruined. He was already dissatisfied with her, and he was afraid that he would be even more dissatisfied with her and even hate her in the future.

They have been married for decades and have four children. When they are old, the relationship between husband and wife has become so troubled that Matriarch Farrell does not know whether she is right or wrong.

She stood up and said to Kathryn, “I’ll go upstairs.”

With that said, she left Kathryn and went upstairs.

When there was only Kathryn in the hall, Kathryn sat quietly for two minutes, then got up and went out. When she saw the butler, she said to him, “If Mom asks you, tell her that I went back to the company to work overtime.”

The butler said, “Miss, won’t you go back to the company after dinner?”

Kathryn pursed her lips and said, “No, I’ll order takeout to be delivered to the company.”

With such a commotion at home, even if she wanted to eat two bowls of rice, she would be embarrassed, so she might as well order takeout to be delivered to the company so that she could eat more comfortably.


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