The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6182

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6182-The powerhouses present were surprised by the next revealed gift. They knew exactly how magical Calidum Spiritual Fruits were, and giving away twenty at once was unfathomable.

Xitlaly’s face was full of astonishment, but she hesitated to speak. She secretly pinched Truett a few times to suppress her emotions.

Truett simply endured the pain, afraid to make a sound.

The gifts for the marriage proposal would probably be comparable to a major sect’s entire capital.

The lusus Sect would become a force in the top five of the Ancient Genesis Worlds soon if these cultivation resources were used well.

After a while, James smiled at Mattaniah and said, “On behalf of Skynet and my friend, Truett, I announce the end of the marriage proposal. I ask of the lusus Sect to accept our humble gifts.”

Mattaniah returned to his senses and smiled brightly. He nodded at Yegor, saying, “Y-You’re too generous. The gifts are too valuable. I’m afraid it’s impossible for US ever to reciprocate.”

Yegor had a slightly helpless expression as he thought to himself, ‘Whether or not you return gifts of equivalent value doesn’t matter. Me, on the other hand, owe a huge favor to James, and I’m not sure how to repay him.’ Suddenly, James said smilingly, “This is just a traditional procedure. The most important thing is that the two lovebirds have come together. As for the wedding, I think you two should handle it as their elders.”

Yegor smiled, pointed at James, and said, “He’s right. Their union is much more important. For us to become a family like this is a very joyous occasion.” Mattaniah was flattered. He took two steps backward, bowed with clasped hands, and said, “Now that we’re family, we’re on the same boat. Whatever happens, we shall endure hard times and prosper together in good times.”

Gladwin and Yaquis frowned upon hearing their conversation. They knew the inevitable had happened. After receiving so many irresistible resources, the lusus Sect had submitted to Skynet and would follow its lead from now onward.

As a result, Skynet had become an even greater force, and winning over their support became an even more significant challenge. They had become another troublesome force involved in the power struggle between the two alliances.

Yegor turned around and smiled at Gladwin and Yaquis, whose faces were somewhat anxious. Then, he said, “I’m glad you two came uninvited. It saved me the effort of having to go visit you two.”

Yaquis and Gladwin were stunned by his words, feeling slightly uneasy.

Yegor put his hands behind his back and approached smilingly, “I have a request and hope you two will agree to it.” The other two men were silent.

Yegor said arrogantly, “My son and the lusus Sect’s Saintess will have their wedding soon. It’s a very grand event for both Skynet and the lusus Sect. So could I ask for peace throughout the Genesis Worlds for a while?” Gladwin and Yaquis were shocked by Yegor’s request. He asked them to have a temporary truce because his son was having a wedding. They would have felt offended if it was a proposal from any other person.

However, the person asking for the favor was someone they could not blatantly wage war against. After all, they wanted to gain his support.

They were in a dilemma, unsure of how to respond.

Seeing that the two of them fell silent for a while, Mattaniah walked over and said smilingly, “Come on, there aren’t many from our generation left. When will we ever have such a festive occasion?”

Gladwin and Yaquis did not respond.

“Will you two not do this for me?” Yegor said with a slightly displeased tone.

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