The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6183

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6183-Seeing that Yegor was getting angry, Gladwin and Yaquis became anxious.

Gladwin quickly took the lead, saying, “It’s indeed the prime of both forces. The Genesis Worlds shall also prosper because of this union. We’re old comrades who had been on the battlefield together. Of course, the Righteous Alliance will give our support.

“However, could you please allow me some time? Peace will naturally be restored as long as the Genesis World’s chaos is settled.”

Yaquis sneered, “You’re very confident, aren’t you? Are you asking for a time limit to destroy the new alliance?”

Gladwin replied coldly, “So you also admit the new alliance is the cause of the Genesis World’s chaos?”

Yaquis retorted, “The Timaeus Sect is the real problem of the Genesis Worlds…”

Yegot interrupted, saying coldly, “Are you two going to go at it again? Then, how about I make the decision? Starting from today onward, you two will have half an epoch. Regardless of who wins or which party has the upper hand, the war must be halted in half an epoch.

“If either party starts a fight after the time limit, Skynet will join forces with the other side and destroy the initiator.”

Yegor’s words were domineering, stunning both Yaquis and Gladwin.

They were well aware that the outcome of their power struggle might not be decided within an epoch, let alone just half an epoch. The only possible way was that another major force joined either side and tipped the balance.

Yegor knew very well how much power he held and was using it to manipulate them.

Mattaniah said, “This is not just a matter for the Skynet. The lusus Sect is also very much involved. Whoever dares to ruin the wedding will become a common enemy of Skynet and the lusus Sect. We’ll take action against whoever doesn’t comply.”

With two leaders of major forces expressing their stance, Gladwin and Yaquis could not muster up the courage to refuse.

Gladwin understood the situation he was in. He took a deep breath and said, “Alright. The Righteous Alliance will honor the request. We’ll withdraw from battle as soon as the time limit is over. Then, I’ll bring our alliance’s powerhouses to attend and celebrate with you two.”

Yaquis clasped his hands and said, “Then it’s settled. I’ll also be at the wedding to give my blessing.”

After the two agreed to the request, Yegor and Mattaniah looked at each other and nodded smilingly.

Yaquis and Gladwin knew staying longer would only be asking for trouble, so they quickly made excuses to leave.

When passing by James, the two of them stopped simultaneously.

Gladwin patted James’ shoulder and said, “You have a bright future. I hope you come back after dealing with your personal affairs. We really need talented people right now.”

After speaking, he turned to Rebella and Lyla. He parted his lips but only sighed lightly, then left.

Yaquis, on the other hand, stared at James with hostility. He asked, “Is my son truly not with you?”

James smiled lightly and raised his hand.

Yaquis was slightly stunned by James’ reaction. He glared at James for a moment, then left angrily.

After the two had left, Yegor and Mattaniah approached James.

Yegor smiled and said, “You children have made US proud. Without you bunch, we wouldn’t know how to deal with Gladwin and Yaquis.”

Mattaniah nodded and agreed, “Those two came with bad intentions. We would not have been able to get rid of them if not for you guys.”

Yegor smiled at Mattaniah and said, “Let’s discuss the children’s wedding date and how we should make arrangements with James.”

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