Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 962 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 962

“Seren, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I would’ve gone downstairs to pick you up.”

Zachary took the insulated lunch boxes from his wife, fearing that she would be tired from carrying them. He turned around to place the two boxes on his desk, then led her by the hand to sit on the sofa.

His fiery eyes glued to her body.

Callum spat in his heart, ‘If he could dig out his eyeballs and stick them on Serenity, I guess he would do it without hesitation.‘

“It’s not the first time I came to your office. You don’t have to pick me up. I brought you food, so eat it while it’s hot. Eating your meals on time every day will help your stomach recover.”

Zachary grinned. “Thank you, honey.”

Serenity could not help but pinch his cheery face and smile. “Is the company giving out bonuses today? Everyone I saw today was beaming brightly.”

Callum chimed in with a laugh, “Serenity, having you come here is more gratifying than getting a bonus.”

Zachary looked at his brother.

‘Didn’t you see that my wife brought me lunch? Why are you still standing there like a statue? Get out!‘

“Callum, bring the lunch over. I brought a lot of food, so there’s enough for both of you to eat.”

Callum immediately picked up the lunch boxes from the desk and placed them on the coffee table. He sat down and was just about to open the boxes when he noticed

Zachary glaring at him intently.

Callum froze.

Zachary’s smile was gone, and his dark eyes glared at his brother as if he were throwing knives.

Callum’s skin pricked from the glare.

“I–I’ll just open up the boxes for you and see what Serenity prepared for you, Zachary.”

Although he was being glared at, he opened up the boxes as if nothing was wrong.

When he saw the food inside, he praised Serenity for her good cooking skills. The food she made really smelled heavenly.

“It smells great.”

Callum unpacked every layer of the lunch boxes and placed them on the coffee table. Besides food, there was also soup.

“I have plans for lunch, so I won’t fight Zachary for the food. Serenity, you guys have a good chat. I’ll go now.”

Then, Callum got up and left.

Zachary’s tense face finally eased when Callum sensibly left.

Serenity did not insist on Callum eating with them after hearing that he had plans for lunch.

Callum opened the door and went out.

As soon as he left, Zachary was all smiles again.

The smile had just appeared on his face when the office door was opened again, and Callum popped back in.

“Why are you back here?” Zachary snapped at him.

“I forgot to take the photo. I’m going to the hotel now, so I’ll bring it to Kevin while I’m there.”

Grandma May was going according to chronological order. Callum was her second grandson and was only one year younger than Zachary. He would be turning thirty this year, and Kevin was one year younger than him. Both of them were at the age to get married.

In the past, Zachary manned the fort and was at the frontline of Grandma May’s aim. Now that Zachary was married, it was natural that Grandma May could not wait to move on to Callum and Kevin.

Callum walked back to the desk and picked up the photos he brought to show Zachary. However, Zachary did not even glance at them.

“Let me see the photos.”

Zachary was not interested before because they were pictures of women that

Grandma May picked for Callum and Kevin. Neither did he look at them, nor was he interested to begin with.

The only woman he was into was his Seren.


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