Married at First Sight Chapter 1738 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1738 by desirenovel-Mr. Dawson didn’t think too much, and brought his daughter to meet Zachary. Zachary didn’t like clients bringing young women to talk business with him before.

Now he’s relaxed a bit, probably thinking that he’s married, but…

he couldn’t help but sigh.

Kevin didn’t know that Analia fell in love with his elder brother. He heard Mr. Dawson’s words and said with a smile: “Men in our York family are all like this, it’s a family inheritance. Once the true feelings are touched, they will never change their minds for the rest of their lives. It takes a lot of luck to find true love in this world, and it is also the blessing and fate cultivated in the previous life, so we will cherish it all the more.

My elder brother loves my sister-in-law very much, and they have also experienced some storms. Today, the relationship has become more stable, they cherish each other very much, and they have given us little ones a good start.”

Kevin did not look forward to his own love, but envied the love of his brother and sister-in-law, and he and Hayden had no progress.

To be honest, he and Hayden only met a few times, which was the result of grandma’s help.

He admitted that Hayden was very good, and the two of them could chat well. In fact, he could chat with anyone very well.

But each time Kevin saw Hayden’s man in costume, he was unable to identify her as a woman, much less fall in love with her. He had a constant sense of being with Hayden, as though two were madly in love.

Although, Kevin also wanted to expose Hayden’s identity as a woman.

Grandma had set a one-year deadline, and half a year had passed with neither Kevin nor Hayden making any progress. He pursued Hayden because he was embarrassed and worried that people would think he was gay. Hayden also attracted a lot of female suitors.

As soon as Kevin thought that his rival in love was half a beautiful woman, he retracted his outstretched foot.

At the very least, he should wait until the second half of the year to try again. Grandma won’t let him go home, so if he didn’t catch up with Hayden within a year, he wouldn’t return. He could, however, live in any of the many homes that were registered in his name.

“When will Mr. York and his wife hold a wedding? Will they have a wedding? They have obtained the certificate for so long, will they not hold a wedding?” Mr. Dawson appeared to be chatting about gossip, but in reality, he was trying to find out how to hit her own daughter; if she does, she’ll get hurt all over.

“The wedding date has already been set, but the wedding date is after autumn. Before the wedding date approaches, we will send invitations to everyone. My elder brother loves my sister-in-law so much, how could he not hold a wedding? No one can wrong my sister-in-law.”

Zachary, As for the eldest son, the major events in his life were the most important things in the eyes of the elders. The wedding must be held, and it must be a sensation in Wiltspoon.

Mr. Dawson let out a sigh, and said with a smile: “That’s right, Mr. York can’t wrong his wife.”

The two chatted for a while, and after the door was pushed open again, Mr. Dawson saw Zachary holding a child and carrying a child with him. The young woman walked in, followed by two bodyguards. One bodyguard was holding a large bouquet of bright and eye-catching roses, and the other was carrying several exquisite bags.

Mr. Dawson didn’t know what was in the bags.

Seeing this scene, Mr. Dawson thought to himself: ‘Zachary has already bought a bouquet of flowers and other gifts for his wife for just a cup of tea.’

This young couple, the relationship was really good.

Zachary really doted on his wife.

If his wife left a message while Zachary was speaking with a client about business, he could end the conversation and go downstairs to pick up his wife.

This was Wiltspoon Hotel, and Zachary brought bodyguards with him. He could ask the bodyguards to go downstairs to pick up Serenity, and he could also let the people from the hotel send Serenity upstairs. He didn’t have to pick her up in person, but he did.

It showed that the relationship between the young couple was very good, and outsiders couldn’t get involved.

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1738~


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