Married at First Sight Chapter 1742 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1742 by desirenovel-Mr. Dawson gave Analia a dry towel, left a sentence, turned and left.

Analia caught the towel, looked at his father who turned and left, and guessed that something happened.

Maybe Zachary canceled the cooperation plan because Analia hooked his palm?

Their project with Dawsons could bring in a lot of money for the two companies. It was a project that was good for everyone, so many companies wanted to work with them. Zachary was in business, and businesspeople wanted to make money. Was he ready to give up?

Analia got up from the swimming pool, entered the locker room, changed her clothes, and then left. Back in the hall, she saw her father sitting on the sofa with suppressed anger on his face.

In front of her father, there was a bouquet of flowers and several bags.

“Dad, who gave this to you? Or did you buy it for me?” Analia walked over and asked, “If someone else gave it to Dad, I will tell my mother.”

Analia followed with her father, It was done to get ready to take over the business and to help the mother keep an eye on the father and stop him from incurring outside romantic debts.

Her mother was worried that her father wanted a son and would have a son with someone else outside. The mother was too old to have another child, and felt sorry for her father because she was the only one born.

Despite the fact that her father had health issues, the mother claimed that the father had been recovering for a long time and that she was too old to have another child. Who knew if her mother and the father would become parents together?

Mrs. Dawson could only have one child, Analia, and she was still a daughter. She was afraid that her husband would listen to other people’s persuasion to have a son outside and trained him to take over the Dawson Group.

“You have no impression of this bouquet of flowers? You also have no impression of these clothes?” Mr. Dawson picked up the bouquet of flowers and threw it at Analia.

Analia instinctively caught the bouquet of flowers.

Thinking of what she had done today, Analia’s complexion changed, and she quickly returned to normal. She said openly, “Dad, do you know? This bouquet of flowers looks familiar. I sent someone to the villa on the top of the mountain for Zachary’s, right?”

Analia took the bags and looked at them, “I also bought these clothes and ties, and I sent them to Zachary’s residence because of my heart for him. Why are these things here, Dad?”

Mr. Dawson was so angry at his daughter’s words that his face turned livid. He stood up abruptly, and wanted to slap her, but he raised his hand high and couldn’t slap her.

He never lifted a finger of his daughter.

For his daughter, Mr. Dawson had seen so many doctors, took so many medicines, and painstakingly recuperated his body. The daughter was very similar to him, and he really regarded her as his sweetheart.

Mr. Dawson finally put down his hand.

It was like this, which also frightened Analia.

She thought that her father was really going to beat her to death.

Mr. Dawson didn’t slap Analia across the face, but couldn’t help poking her forehead with his finger, and said angrily and helplessly: “You turned a deaf ear to what Dad said, didn’t you? Zachary is married, he is a man with a wife, and he adores and spoils his wife. You don’t want to miss him because that would be self-inflicted humiliation. You ignore me and send him flowers, clothes, and ties. I’m your father; why didn’t I notice you buying new clothes and ties for your father?

And do you think that if you send it to Mr. York’s house, his wife will misunderstand and quarrel with him? How can the couple trust each other so easily fall for it?”

Mr. Dawson continued to scold his daughter, “You should also be thankful that his wife trusted Mr. York and didn’t misinterpret him; otherwise, would you be able to bear the consequences if Mr. York was enraged? Do you believe that because our Dawson family isn’t in Wiltspoon, we don’t have to worry about Mr. York’s revenge?”

Analia said: “Zachary likes Serenity, right? What else would she do? Zachary is cool, and I want to be with him. he’s married—so what? I’ll pursue someone I like. I’m 100x better than Serenity. I can defeat Serenity if Zachary understands and gives me a chance.”

Mr. Dawson was so angry that he raised his hand again to slap her across the face.

“You don’t decide whether Miss Serenity is deserving or not. The York family has never objected and has always believed she is deserving.”

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1742~


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