Married at First Sight Chapter 1744 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1744 by desirenovel-Analia kept a dark face and did not speak.

Was the first time she had feelings for a man doomed from the start? 

She was very unwilling!

Why did Serenity get such an excellent man as Zachary?

York Corporation, President’s Office.

In the lounge, after Serenity helped her sleeping nephew cover the air-conditioning quilt, he asked Zachary: “When he returns, will Mr. Dawson be able to care for his daughter? His daughter is still young, so he ought to spoil her a lot.”

Zachary immediately passed by Sonny squeezed beside her, put one hand under her head as a pillow, and lightly pinched Serenity’s face with the other.

Zachary: “Serenity, are you jealous?”

She rarely felt jealousy. Since receiving the certificate, it must be stated that she has never been jealous.

She had heard a lot about the girls who liked Zachary, and she had also heard it from Josh. However, Josh said that Elisa was the only girl who had the courage to publicly confess her feelings for Zachary and pursue him.

Knowing that Zachary and Serenity were husband and wife, they immediately broke up with each other with a sword.

Therefore, Serenity had never been jealous, she just felt sorry for Elisa, and felt that she stole Elisa’s sweetheart without knowing it.

Fortunately, now that Elisa had Remy, the apology hidden in Serenity’s heart could be resolved.

But Zachary was often jealous, and he also wanted Serenity to be jealous for him.

Serenity said, “I’m not jealous, but my husband is being targeted by other women, and I’m still very upset.”

Serenity slipped into his arms, put one hand on his waist, and said domineeringly: “Husband, you are mine! You said, I am yours, and you are mine!”

Zachary said dotingly: “Yes, yes, I am yours, and I will always be yours! I will only yours!”

Serenity words were not too sour, but she said that she was upset, and somehow she felt a little jealous.

This was the expression of her deep love for him!

“Mr. Dawson is a very committed person. He has a very good reputation. Maybe Ms. Dawson will not compromise, and she will think of ways to sabotage us. I believe that Mr. Dawson will have a way to shock his daughter. He is in charge of such a big company. How can a person who has spent half his life in the business world without means and ruthlessness get to where he is today?”

Serenity also felt that Ms. Dawson would not give up easily.

Serenity would initially believe Zachary when he claimed that Mr. Dawson had a way of keeping Ms. Dawson under control and wouldn’t allow her to bother him again.

Even if Mr. Dawson really couldn’t control his daughter anymore, Serenity had never been afraid.

Whether it’s Ms. Dawson or someone else, she wouldn’t lose because Zachary’s heart was with her!

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~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1744~


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