Married at First Sight Chapter 1747 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1747 by desirenovel-“Camryn, he is my younger brother Kevin, who ranks third among brothers.”

Callum knew Camryn didn’t know Kevin well, and she couldn’t guess the identity of Kevin by hearing the voice, so he took the initiative to explain.

Camryn smiled at Kevin again, and said hello: “Hi, third young master.”

“Ms. Newman, you can just call me Kevin.”

Kevin said that Ms. Newman was his second sister-in-law.

Camryn was still smiling. She turned around and handed the bouquet and the snacks she bought to Callum, “Callum, here is the bouquet you asked for, and I brought it to you. I heard you didn’t have enough lunch, so I bought it for you.” I’ll give you two boxes of snacks for afternoon tea.”

Kevin slandered in his heart, did the second brother really not eat well or was he just making an excuse?

It’s correct.

Kevin abruptly became aware of his justifications for approaching Hayden. If there wasn’t a reason, he would find one; likewise, if there wasn’t an opportunity, he would make one.

Callum took the things, put them on the desk, and said to Camryn: “You must be tired after sending the flowers, come and have snacks with me, after the snacks, I’ll take you back. “

Camryn: “No need, I’m not hungry. Dal is waiting for me outside.”

It’s okay if Camryn didn’t say anything, but when she said that Dalton was waiting for her outside the company, how could Callum let her and Dalton together.

Callum said: “It’s rare for Mr. Dal to visit, Let him stay in Wiltspoon for two days to rest, and not bother him constantly. I’m here for you, and I’ll take you back.” After Camryn was silent, he said:

Camryn: “Dal came to talk to me about work. I’ll go first.”

With that said, Camryn turned around and left, not forgetting to say goodbye to Kevin.

“I’ll take you downstairs.” Callum followed her.

“Brother, I just want to leave, how about I help you take Ms. Newman downstairs?” Kevin said.

Callum acted as if he didn’t hear Kevin.

Still following Camryn, Kevin, who originally wanted to leave, didn’t want to leave for the time being, so he stayed in the second brother’s office and waited for the second brother to come back.

Callum asked Camryn to bring him flowers and food, mainly because he wanted to be alone with her, but he didn’t expect Dalton to come here again, and it was Dalton who sent Camryn here, so his plan fell through.

They had to send Camryn to Dalton’s car.

Even if Dalton and his girlfriend were about to have a happy affair, and Camryn would no longer be there again, Callum would guard against him and regard him as a rival in love.

Just like Zachary vs Shawn back then.

It’s no secret that Dalton was really waiting for Camryn at the gate of the York Corporation. Now that Camryn had taken over the Newman Enterprise.

As a result, Dalton, who helped Camryn take over the Newman family, came into the public’s sight. Not many people knew the real relationship between him and Camryn.

Some people thought Dalton did this to apologize to President Newman, but many people thought he did it simply to apologize to President Newman. In the Newman family, only Camryn and his brother were free, and Trenton was only seventeen this year. He had just finished the college entrance examination at the age of ten and was not yet ready to take over the company.

Although Camryn was blind and couldn’t see, she had a calm mind. With Dalton’s help, she could stabilize Newmans’s legal business. As for the illegal business, it had been sealed up. For Newmans, it was greatly affected.

Those who fantasized about taking the opportunity to occupy and carve up the Newman family knew that the second young master of the York family was standing behind Camryn, and Dalton was helping them, so they died of that idea immediately.

Camryn even fired her own cousin, without showing any affection.

The Chandler family and the Joyner family hated her so much.

Now he was wholeheartedly instigating Trenton and Camryn to fall out.

After Trenton’s college entrance examination, Camryn chose to tell his younger brother everything that happened at home.

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~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1747~


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