Married at First Sight Chapter 1750 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1750 by desirenovel-“Let me try it.” Kevin stretched out his hand to get a snack.

Before Kevin got it, Callum slapped his hand away and said, “This is what my fiancée gave me to eat. It’s her heart and love. I enjoy it by myself. If you want to eat it, go to Ms. Queen.”

Kevin widened his eyes, “Brother, You are too stingy, it’s just a snack, and you don’t let me eat it! Why did I hear that the breakfast that my sister-in-law prepared for my eldest brother, my eldest brother couldn’t finish it, so my sister-in-law asked my elder brother to pack it for you at the company?

You should learn from big brother, that’s called brotherly love.”

Callum said while eating snacks: “So he is the big brother, I’m the second, not the big brother and I don’t have such a broad mind.”

Kevin: “…”

He got up, pretended to be angry, and said, “Stingy, do you think I really want to eat your dim sum? The dim sum made by the pastry chef in our hotel is better than the ones bought outside. There are too many.”

Callum: “Then you go back to the hotel to eat, and no one will stop you from leaving.”

Kevin said with a playful smile, “Next time I will tell Ms. Newman directly that I also want to eat the dim sum she bought, and I think she will buy me a few boxes.”

With that said, Kevin turned around and was about to leave.

“Come back.”

Callum called him to stop, pushed the opened box of dim sum forward and back, and said angrily: “Eat, eat, lest you say I’m stingy, you can only eat one piece.”

Kevin turned around and picked up a piece of dim sum to eat. After taking a bite, he frowned and said in disgust: “How can the dim sum bought outside compare with our hotel? It’s not delicious at all. Brother, you still treat it as a baby.”

Callum: “You take it, you have to finish it, don’t throw it away, this is your future second sister-in-law’s love.”

Kevin: “…”

He provoked Callum to do it well, the piece of snack in his hand, for him who was picky, was chewing on it.

Kevin: “Second brother, I remembered that I still have something to deal with, so I’m leaving first.”

He wanted to run away and throw away the snacks outside, but Callum was not easy to fool him, and asked him: “Leave after eating the snacks, how much more? Eat a few before you go home and tell Grandma that I have no brotherhood and am a slacker.”

Kevin: “No, second brother, I am not the kind of person who likes to make small reports. This is a gift from my future second sister-in-law to my second brother, So I can just taste it.”

Under Callum’s gaze, Kevin braced his scalp and ate the piece of snack that he thought was not tasty.

It’s embarrassing for Callum, but he still ate it with relish, as if it was the most delicious snack in the world.

Was this because of sentient beings?

Anyway, he found it hard to eat.

After swallowing that piece of snack, Kevin quickly poured himself a glass of water, poured water vigorously regardless of his image, and after filling the glass of water, he refused the generous sharing of the second brother, and quickly slipped away.

He swore that in the future, as long as the second brother shared the food with him, he would not eat it!

In the future, the second sister-in-law was not picky about food, and she couldn’t make food by herself, so she was not as good as the elder sister-in-law.

He thought how delicious it was, but in the end…

Seeing Kevin run away, Callum said: “You have such a picky mouth, be careful to ask for a wife who can’t even fry an egg. Specially for you to eat dark food.”

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1750~


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