Married at First Sight Chapter 2004 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2004 by desirenovel-Sonny seemed to understand but didn’t not understand.

After a while, several cars stopped in front of Liberty’s new restaurant.

Duncan sat at the door of the store and waited for Sonny, his bodyguard stood behind the wheelchair.

Zachary opened the car door and got out of the car, then turned around and got out of the car with Sonny in his arms.

As soon as Sonny’s feet touched the ground, he broke free from his uncle’s big hands and ran towards Duncan.

“Sonny, don’t run so fast.”

Seeing this, Duncan was very anxious, and shouted to tell Sonny not to run so fast.

At the same time, he really wanted to go to Sonny, but he still couldn’t walk, and he couldn’t walk fast while pushing the wheelchair.

Sonny ran so fast that Duncan just slid his wheelchair, and he had already run to him.

“Uncle Duncan.”

Sonny originally wanted to climb up on Duncan’s lap, but he made a move to climb up, but quickly gave up, because Duncan’s feet were not healed yet, so he couldn’t climb onto Duncan’s lap and sit.

This small movement of Sonny fell into Duncan’s eyes, and Duncan was gratified.

It took him a long time to make Sonny not afraid of him and like him.

Now Sonny knew how to feel sorry for him.

Duncan took the initiative to hug Sonny and let Sonny sit on his lap.

“Uncle Duncan, do your feet hurt?”

Sonny didn’t dare to move while sitting, for fear that if he moved, Uncle Duncan’s feet would hurt.

Duncan: “As long as Uncle Duncan doesn’t move around, he won’t feel much pain.”

“Oh.” Sonny breathed a sigh of relief, his tense nerves were visibly relaxed.

“When did Sonny come back?” Duncan lowered his head and rubbed his face against Sonny’s face, “Uncle Duncan misses Sonny very much.”

Sonny said, “Uncle Duncan, Uncle said to pick you up and have dinner with my mother. Uncle Duncan, I miss you occasionally.”

Zachary and his wife walked over, and when they heard Sonny’s words, Zachary said: “Sonny, you are too partial. You said you had a good time, and you don’t even think about your mother or uncle, so why do you miss Uncle Duncan occasionally.”

Sonny’s big eyes flickered, and he replied naturally: “Uncle Duncan is a patient, and the patient needs to be coaxed.”

Everyone laughed.

Duncan smiled and said: “So, what Sonny said just now that he occasionally misses Uncle Duncan is a lie? However, even if it is a lie, it is also a white lie, and Uncle Duncan is very happy to hear it.”

Seeing that everyone laughed at him, Sonny was very upset. He embarrassedly buried his little face in Duncan’s arms.

Liberty came out of her new restaurant. She was still holding her bag, and was going to follow her younger sister and her husband to have dinner.

“Sonny, why are you sitting on your Uncle Duncan’s lap? Come down quickly, Uncle Duncan will hurt.”

When Liberty saw his son sitting on Duncan’s lap, she was worried that he would hurt Duncan, so she hurriedly yelled for her son to come down.


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