Married at First Sight Chapter 2008 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2008 by desirenovel-“After the lady took care of him, she bought him expensive suits and ties, and arranged for several bodyguards to follow him, and arranged for him to travel in a luxury car.”

“Zachary’s thoughts are really blatant enough.”

Anyone who had seen Zachary and the back of the woman Analia took care of would think it was Zachary.

After Serenity was silent for a while, she said, “Even if the face looks like Zachary, it’s not Zachary. As long as it’s not Zachary, whoever she wants to take care of is her freedom, and it has nothing to do with me.

Others will have doubts about Zachary. The photo depicts her and Zachary’s affection. Each time she posted a photo, the man’s face was hidden. Clearly, he intended to deceive others. She was with Zachary at the time.

She wants to use this trick to destroy the husband and wife’s relationship, which causes me to doubt Zachary and misunderstand Zachary.”

Serenity smiled, added, “Zack, I still believe him. I can only say that Analia doesn’t know Zachary at all, but just met On both sides. She was fascinated by Zachary’s appearance. It is too naive to think that doing so will break the relationship between the husband and wife.”

Jasmine said: “This is true, I believe in Zachary, I think it took Zachary a lot of time to fall in love with you back then, a person like him will not be easily tempted, If he is tempted to see a beautiful woman, and it’s not your turn to marry him, he won’t know how many women there are.”

Serenity was eating the fruit, and suddenly said to his friend: “Jasmine, do you think I should pretend to have a conflict with Zachary, to satisfy Analia’s plot, and make her think that she has successfully destroyed my relationship with Zachary? What’s her next move?”

Jasmine smiled and said, “I really want to support you, but reason tells me that I can’t support you, you are playing with fire, Zachary will definitely not agree. A woman who loves Zachary After destroying the relationship between your husband and wife, you don’t need to look at the next move, you know how to go. To increase Zachary’s affection for you, you must be close to him and treat him with kindness and nonchalance.”

Serenity: “What if Zachary’s heart is moved?”

Jasmine: “…If Zachary heard what you said, he really got into trouble with you. Your family is very stingy. A little thing can quarrel with you for a few days. You, you better not do this kind of thing, lest there will be a real conflict between husband and wife and let others take advantage of the loophole. Even if no one can take advantage of the loophole, your husband and wife have a conflict, It’s not a good thing to affect everyone’s mood. Besides, it’s not Zachary’s fault, and Zachary didn’t go to provoke Analia.”

Serenity was nagged by her friend, and quickly raised her hands in surrender, saying: “Okay, okay, I’ll listen to you. If I don’t do that, my husband will definitely not agree. When he gets angry, I have to coax my husband.”

Ring Ring Ring…

The mobile phone was still in Jasmine’s hand. When Jasmine saw that the caller ID was “Mr. York”, she handed the mobile phone to her friend and said, “Mr. York’s call is coming. By the way, your wedding anniversary is over, and you have to fight against Zack. The remark is still ‘Mr. York’, let him see it, and you will feel better.”

Knowing Zachary’s overbearing, Jasmine could foresee that Zachary would definitely be angry again when he saw Serenity’s remark to him.

Serenity took the mobile phone with one hand, and made a booing gesture to her friend, signaling Jasmine not to talk for now, lest Zachary’s windy ears hear it.


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