Married at First Sight Chapter 2651 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2651-Liberty added, “Sometimes, he is like a child.”

Mainly because Duncan was disabled in a car accident, which hit him hard. If he didn’t love Liberty so much, he might really give up on himself and find it difficult to stand up again.

Serenity: “Sister, I’ll tell Zachary later and ask Zachary to go over and see him.”

Liberty: “Take Sonny over to see him. He loves Sonny the most. When he sees Sonny, he will understand that you are not blaming him.

He knows that I don’t blame him. I have never blamed him. It’s that he thinks he is useless. After such a long period of rehabilitation, he still can’t walk like a normal person. He scolds himself for being useless and beats his legs.

Actually, he has made great progress. Some people in his situation can only stand up after half a year. He has long since been able to stand up again and take a few steps.”

Duncan was seriously injured in both legs. Although he insisted on rehabilitation, he could not recover immediately. The doctor said he had a chance to walk like a normal person as long as he continued to do rehabilitation.

Serenity said, “Sister, don’t worry, we will go and comfort Brother Duncan. You have to pay attention to safety when you go to Jensburg. Everything else is secondary; safety is the first. Matriarch Farrell is ruthless, and she obviously won’t do anything to you. Who knows what can be done secretly?”

Serenity took out her mobile phone, sent the contact numbers of Kevin and Hayden to her, and said, “Please note the contact numbers of Kevin and Hayden. If you need anything, you can contact them. Hayden is a native of Jensburg, and the Queen family is one of the top wealthy families in Jensburg. She can help you a lot. If I hadn’t been pregnant, I would have wanted to go with you, sister.”

Liberty saved the mobile phone numbers of Kevin and Hayden and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’m just going there to develop, and I’m not in direct conflict with matriarch Farrell.”

Serenity said, “I’ll tell Zachary and ask him to arrange two bodyguards for you to follow you.”

Liberty smiled and said, “You don’t need to tell me; Zachary has already made arrangements. He asked Jim and Milan to follow me to Jensburg. I am familiar with them.”

Jim used to help Zachary act in front of Serenity. Among the bodyguards around Zachary, Jim was the one they were most familiar with.

Milan was the bodyguard who was later assigned to Serenity.

Since Milan was Serenity’s bodyguard, Liberty could see him often, and she was also very familiar with him.

Zachary said that these two people were very skilled and reliable and asked them to follow Liberty to Jensburg so that he could rest assured.

“Seren, Zachary is really a good man. He loves you with all his heart and soul. Sonny and I both owe it to you. You should be nicer to Zachary, and don’t act so petty just because you’re pregnant. Whatever, don’t bully Zachary while I’m away.”

Serenity said hurriedly, “Sister, I know; I won’t do it. I will never bully Zachary, and I will treat him with all my heart. Don’t worry, I will never let your good brother-in-law suffer any injustice.”

Other people’s parents were worried that their girl would be bullied by her husband’s family, and Liberty, on the other hand, was always worried that Serenity would bully Zachary and treat Zachary badly.

Zachary loved to go back to her parents’ house to sue Serenity.

Every time there was a minor conflict, he would go back to his parents’ house and file a lawsuit against Serenity.

Well, it was Serenity’s fault, and she didn’t change it, so Zachary went to complain to Liberty.

“If Zachary tells me that you bullied him, you’ll wait for me to come back, and you’ll be in good hands.”

Liberty pretended to scare Serenity, but her face was full of smiles.

Serenity hugged Liberty and acted coquettishly: “Sister, you are my sweet sister. How can you always favor Zachary? Others are afraid that I will be bullied by my husband’s family. You are afraid that your brother-in-law will be bullied by me. How can I bully him? In other words, he can’t quarrel with me, but he won’t quarrel with me. He’s stupid and can’t quarrel with me. The most he can do is slam the door with a black face and then have a cold war with me.”


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