Married at First Sight Chapter 2653 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2653-The knocking on the door outside stopped, started again, then stopped again.

Duncan never responded, let alone opened the door.

He didn’t know how much time passed before the knock on the door rang again.

It was also accompanied by Sonny’s clear, childish voice.

“Uncle Duncan, are you in the room? Are you asleep or awake? Can you open the door for me? I’m carrying a tray. It’s so heavy that my arms are sore. Uncle Duncan, hurry up, come out, and help me.

Uncle Duncan and my mother went on a business trip. She didn’t take me with her. She asked me to follow my aunt and uncle at home. My mother didn’t take me with her. I felt uncomfortable and wanted to cry. Uncle Duncan, can you hold me and let me sit with you? Crying on your lap?”

After Sonny finished speaking, he really started howling at the top of his lungs.

Serenity was stunned for a moment.

When did this kid learn to act?

His acting skills were really good.

Duncan in the room heard Sonny’s cry. Within two minutes, Sonny started howling again. He thought Sonny was really crying, so he immediately took action.

Duncan, who was originally lying on the bed, climbed up and tried to get into the wheelchair, but the wheelchair was not in the bedroom but overturned outside.

When he got into trouble, he became angry and overturned the wheelchair.

It’s only four or five meters away from the wheelchair.

For normal people, this distance was only a few steps or a dozen steps, but for Duncan at this time, it was not enough. He needed to walk a few steps, then stop to rest, then walk a few more steps, and then stop.

This took a lot of time.

He felt sorry for Sonny and couldn’t bear for him to cry.

Especially since Sonny howled so loudly, Duncan was afraid that if Sonny howled for a long time, his voice would become hoarse.

He couldn’t follow Liberty to Jensburg, and he couldn’t help her share her worries, but he could help her take care of Sonny and prevent Sonny from any mistakes.

This was the only thing he was useful to her at the moment.

Duncan walked a few steps with difficulty before he couldn’t hold on anymore. He sat on the ground, but he was anxious, so he couldn’t care so much. He climbed out of the bedroom with a crawler, climbed to the wheelchair that had overturned on the ground, and then put the wheelchair After being helped up, he grabbed the wheelchair and climbed to his feet, then sat on the wheelchair.

Soon, Duncan went to Sonny’s room in a wheelchair and opened the door.

Sonny actually held a tray in his hand. There was a bowl of rice on the tray. There were many vegetables on top of the rice, and the vegetables completely covered the rice.

Seeing this, Duncan quickly took the tray from Sonny’s hand and said, “Sonny, who asked you to carry the tray? There are so many adults, and you are a child.”

Sonny was only a little over three years old and not very strong. Although he could carry a bowl of rice, he shouldn’t let a three-year-old child bring food to him.

“Uncle Duncan, my aunt and uncle, and I came to see you. Grandma Lewis told me that you hadn’t eaten anything today. I was worried that you were hungry, so I volunteered to bring you food.”

Sonny spoke clearly and could say anything.

Sometimes the words Sonny said surprised even Liberty, and he became more and more like a little adult.

Duncan’s heart softened, and he stretched out his hand to touch Sonny’s face lovingly. When no tears came out, he knew that Sonny was just pretending to howl so loudly.

He pinched Sonny’s little face again and said, “Sonny, even I was fooled. You howled so loudly that I didn’t even see a single tear.”

Sonny asked him, “Uncle Duncan, do you want to see me cry very loudly?”

Duncan: “No. Sonny I hope that you will be happy every day.”

Sonny raised his chin and said, “That’s it.”


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