The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6185

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6185-James immediately ascended a towering mountain at the edge of the Genesis Region controlled by the lusus Sect. Then, he appeared behind a mysterious being wearing a black cloak in a flash.

The mysterious being, who was faced away from James, said, “You’re late.”

James replied calmly, it’s you who arrived early.”

The mysterious being sneered, “You’ve got some guts to invite me out here alone. Are you not afraid I’d kill you?”

James replied smilingly, “You don’t dare to, and you won’t. Otherwise, not only will you lose everything, but you will also have a hard time seeing your son in this life. Not to mention, you may not necessarily be able to kill me.”

The mysterious being suddenly turned around, raised his head, and revealed his face. It was none other than the current leader of the new alliance, as well as the Yaquis Sect.

Just after Yaquis left the main hall, he received a telepathic message from James and came to the mountain to wait for him.

Initially, he thought James was playing a prank and would not show up. However, he still came thinking it would not hurt to try. To his surprise, James did come to see him.

Yaquis stared at James, smiled arrogantly, and said, “You’re fearless. Just tell me where my son is. What do I have to do for you to tell me?”

James did not reply. He raised his hand, and an energy ball appeared. It gradually enlarged, and an injured and disheveled being appeared within sight.

Yaquis’ expression immediately changed after he saw the jade pendant around the being’s neck.

“Nando! My son!” “How tragic. I can’t bear to look at him.” James shook his head and clicked his tongue.

Yaquis grabbed James by the collar and said, “How dare you torture my son. I…”

James said calmly, “Even if you’re not very experienced, you should be able to tell that’s a Curse Orb, right?”

Yaquis was startled by his words.

James said calmly, “Nando won’t be able to lift the curse. No matter where he is imprisoned or kidnapped, I can find him. However, I can’t save him right now.”

Yaquis watched his miserable son in the Curse Orb with a pained expression. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Since you’ve asked to meet me, you must have the answer, right? Tell me what you want.”

James said smilingly, “You’re pretty sensible. I like dealing with people like you.”

Yaquis growled, “Cut to the chase.”

James said, “I want the Tarslam Genesis World.”

Yaquis stared at James as if he had seen a monster. He said, “A mere cultivator at the peak of the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Eighth Tribulation like you want to be the lord of a Genesis World? Will you be able to protect it?”

James said coldly, “That’s not something you should be concerned with. Just give me your answer.”

Yaquis answered, “Sure. But you’ll have to gain control over it yourself. I’ll only promise not to interfere.”

“That’s more than enough.” James raised his hand with a smile. Then, a soul contract appeared in the void.

“Sign it, and I’ll tell you the true whereabouts of your son.”

“Do you think I trust you?” Yaquis frowned.

James asked, “Then why did you come?”

Yaquis was rendered speechless. He raised his hand, and a burst of Genesis flew toward the soul contract. Immediately afterward, the soul contract vanished.

“I signed it.” Yaquis stared at James warily.

James said with a smile, “Xachary has him.”

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