The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6186

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6186-Yaquis said surprisedly, “Xachary? That’s absurd! If my son was with him, he would’ve already come to threaten me. Why is he still keeping quiet about it?”

James looked at Yaquis and said, “Because there is more to it. If you want to learn more, you’ll have to use something of equal value to trade for the information.”

“You’re really rude and greedy.” Yaquis raised his hand.

James, however, did not dodge. Instead, he smiled menacingly.

Yaquis thought, ‘How is he still so calm and composed? What makes him so fearless? It must be because he has the support of Mattaniah and Yegor. That’s what gives him the confidence.”

After concluding, Yaquis’ expression changed. He put down his hand and said, “Just be straightforward with me and tell me what you want.” James said smilingly, “I want something pretty valuable. I need to conquer two Micro Genesis Worlds. I need you to promise that the new alliance will not interfere. At the same time, I want a favor from you. Also, you must sign a soul contract.”

Yaquis laughed angrily and said, “You’re really…”

James interrupted, saying, “Don’t worry. The news I give you is much more valuable than the ten Great Genesis Worlds.”

Seeing James’ calm and collected look, Yaquis’ lips twitched.

“Then, I want that written in the soul contract.”

“Sure.” James smiled and raised his hand. Then, another soul contract appeared in the void.

Yaquis urged his Genesis and signed the contract.

“Done. Now, tell me.”

James said smilingly, “I have two pieces of information. First, the Timaeus Sect is currently divided. Gladwin is plotting to seize the position as sect leader.”

Surprised, Yaquis asked, “Where did you get this information?” James said smilingly, “You should already be aware of my relationship with Yegor.”

Yaquis gasped, knowing the news must be reliable if it was from Skynet.

However, he could not determine why Gladwin and Xachary would go against each other. They were so close and even shared the same wife. Why would they compete over the position of the Timaeus Sect’s Leader?

After thinking for a while, Yaquis expressed his doubt.

James looked at him and said, “The answer will be in the second piece of information. I acquire this news before Skynet.

“Xachary is no longer at the Quasi Daelcon Rank. He has dropped to the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.”

Yaquis looked at James in shock.

James smiled and asked, “What do you think? Are these two pieces of information worth it?” Yaquis turned around. After a long silence, he sighed, “If it’s true, then your information is worth a hundred Great Genesis Worlds.”

James said smilingly, “Indeed. I’ve already given you the information needed. The rest is up to how you use it.”

Seeing James about to turn around and leave, Yaquis intercepted him with a formation.

James asked, “What do you mean by this?”

Yaquis sneered, “Aren’t you from the Timaeus Sect? Why would you hand me such information secrets? Are you betraying them:” James sighed, “It seems you don’t believe me. You may not believe it and can also try not to abide by the soul contract. However, I’ll take those two Micro Genesis Worlds no matter what.”

After speaking, James proceeded to leave. However, the formation before him had yet to disperse.

James’ face darkened, and he said, “Don’t make me use force. I’d rather do this peacefully.”

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