The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6189

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6189-Truett looked at the main hall ahead of them and smiled cynically, “Their strength is mediocre, but their palace is comparable to that of a major force.” Xatia nodded and said, “I’ve also heard about the rumors. After the news reached the Timaeus Sect, Lyla was really furious and wanted to destroy them. However, Xachary stopped her from taking action.”

James said smilingly, “It seems Xachary and Wylie have some sort of relationship?”

Xatia lowered her head and said, “There are rumors that the Sanctum Sect’s Leader is a seductress. She’s the partner of both Xachary and Gladwin.”

James laughed and said, “What a messy relationship. We’ll have to destroy this place and find out the truth.”

After speaking, James slowly ascended the stairs and approached the golden palace.

The group cast their Genesis Divine Light, and their Qrohm permeated the air. Every step they took would cause the Sanctum Sect.

Numerous powerhouses from the Sanctum Sect were immediately alerted and flew over. However, they had horrified expressions after seeing their powerful enemies.”

“Who are you?!! How dare you break into the Sanctum Sect? Do you guys have a death wish?”

The four powerhouses at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation descended from the sky. They stood in front of James’ group with murderous auras.

After sensing the cultivation ranks of James and his comrades, the four powerhouses immediately had contemptuous expressions.

‘Three at the middle grade of the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, and one at the peak of the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Eighth Tribulation? Who gave you guys the courage to come here?

“You’re so weak but dared to break into the Sanctum Sect? Do you guys have a death wish? You’ve overestimated yourselves.”

“Kneel and kowtow. We might spare your lives.”

“These two women are pretty. Coincidentally, I need a slave to cultivate with. Haha!”

Truett immediately charged forward and said, “Leave these four bastards to me. Don’t interfere.”

Four huge golden Sword Energies fell from the sky and slashed toward the four powerhouses.

As the Sword Energy passed through the void, it killed the surrounding members from the Sanctum Sect.

Meanwhile, the four powerhouses instantly leaped into the sky and charged at Truett.

They were confident and murderous. Unfortunately, Truett had already entered the Marciais Combat Form and killed two before they could even react.

The remaining two powerhouses were startled and quickly turned around to escape. However, Truett caught up to them instantly and sliced them in half.

James shook his head and said smilingly, “He’s so ruthless. He refrained from killing in the past, but it seems he is used to it now.”

Truett landed on the ground with a loud bang and immediately caused a deep pit in the staircase.

The force instantly blasted away the Sanctum Sect’s members standing in the front.

Truett raised his head and said, “Four powerhouses at the middle grade of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation were nothing special. Is there anyone else who can put up a fight? That wasn’t fun.”

Xatia nodded and agreed, “She’s right. Keep a lower profile, would you? Do you have no respect for James?”

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