Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 975 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 975

Zachary did not bury himself in work right after returning to his office. Instead, he gave his mother a call.

Since he was not the type to contact his mother unless necessary, Tania was on tenterhooks when she got the call from her eldest son.

The way she saw it, her eldest son would only call her for huge matters. Hence, she was nervous and afraid, especially now that Zachary and Serenity had not gotten back together. As a mother and mother–in–law, Tania felt helpless about the situation.


Sensing the worry hidden in his mother’s tone, Zachary answered in a relaxed tone as a way to calm her nerves, “Mom. Clive’s wife is pregnant.”

Tania was at first dumbstruck, but soon she came back in a lighter mood. “It is news worth celebrating.”

Alice’s pregnancy had not been announced in the business world as the influential family was particular about the timing. The pregnancy would only be released to the public after the pregnant wife got through the first trimester.

Since Alice was still early in her pregnancy, the news would only be kept to her closest families, the Lafayettes and Stones. It made sense that Serenity knew about the pregnancy since she was Mrs. Stone’s niece.

For Serenity to let Zachary know, it could only mean that the couple had reconciled.

This was the reason Tania was delighted. It was not that she was happy for Alice.

“I’ll prepare some supplements to give to the Stones.”

Zachary thanked his mother.

Tania said, “Our family’s relationship with the Stones doesn’t matter because Mrs. Stone is Serenity’s aunt. We don’t have to do anything if we don’t know about Alice’s pregnancy, but now that we do, we should be polite and send gifts. It’s the least I can do to be respectful.

“When are you bringing Serenity home for dinner?”

“I’ll bring her to the manor for a short stay when she has time.”

Tania replied, “Okay. Have a talk with her sister. We shouldn’t leave her out for your wedding with Serenity. Make sure we observe all the traditions.”

“Got it, Mom.”

“Why don’t you give me the address of your sister–in-law? I’ll discuss your wedding preparations with her.”

Zachary answered, “My sister-in-law is renting a place now.

“I wanted to give her a house, but she and Serenity refused.”

Tania fell silent for a while before saying, “Your nana took a liking to Serenity likely because of Serenity’s independence of making her own money.”

She had no interest in the Yorks’ fame and fortune.

It was rare that Serenity and her sister were able to stay true to themselves against temptation in this materialistic world.

Only, Serenity did not come from a nice family. Her money–hungry relatives…

The Hunts made Tania sick.

They were a vexatious family. Tania had never met anyone more ruthless and unreasonable.

Talking about properties, Zachary’s mind flew back to his Valentine’s gift for Serenity. Serenity did not accept his gift in the end.

Zachary thought about getting Jasmine to play the middle person, but Jasmine told him to do it himself.

He wanted to transfer all his personal assets to Serenity, but Serenity turned down his gesture too. Nevertheless, she was willing to hold onto the important paperwork such as the title deeds only because he threatened to throw the stuff away.

That was how she relented.

Still, the black card was given back to him.


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