Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 981 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 981

“Liberty, are you hiring at the moment? I don’t have a job, and my age makes finding one a pain. I can’t beat those young girls out there.

“You can hire me if you’re looking to hire. I’m not asking for a lot. I’m happy with eight thousand dollars a month with meals and accommodation included.”

Chelsea changed the subject.

Echoing her daughter, Mrs. Brown told her former daughter–in–law, “Liberty, Chelsea has been out of work for a long time. It’s going to be hard for you to run the place and look after Sonny. You should hire someone to help you. Chelsea is not an outsider. Plus, she’s a good worker. It’s better for you to hire her than someone you don’t know. You might end up with a thief for all you know.

“I can look after Sonny, so you can focus on running the business.”

If Mrs. Brown was watching Sonny, Liberty would have to go to the Browns‘ home to pick the boy up, and she would bump into Hank. Liberty and Hank had known each other for more than a decade, and they had a son together, so sparks may reignite.

Mrs. Brown could kick the Yate girl out when Hank had a change of heart to go back to Liberty. The Browns never had a quiet day since the prodigal and wretched girl married into the family.

Jessica was useless in the kitchen, and Mrs. Brown could not tell Jessica off without making her cry. That was usually how Hank and his parents got into fights.

With a long face, Liberty uttered, “I’m not hiring. I can’t afford it.”

A monthly salary of eight thousand dollars?

Liberty was only a small–time business owner. She would be lucky to break even and make a small profit, much less hire anybody. Even if she planned to bring someone on board, she could not afford that kind of salary. Besides, Liberty would never hire Chelsea.

“I can look after Sonny. He’s attending kindergarten in September.”

Liberty knew what Mrs. Brown was up to.

The old lady was trying to use Sonny to get her and Hank back together. As if Liberty would remarry Hank.

Liberty had been down that road before. She was not foolish. Why would she put herself through hell again?

Sure, Liberty still had feelings for Hank before the divorce happened.

However, the messy divorce killed whatever love she had left for the man. Now, Hank was dead to Liberty.

She would rather be a single mother forever than take Hank back.

The Browns were having second thoughts now because Liberty had a rich aunt, and her sister married into a wealthy family. The Browns were merely looking out for themselves just like the money–hungry Hunts.

“Why can’t you afford to hire? It’s not like you don’t have the money. Hank gave you a lot for the divorce settlement. You don’t need a lot to set up a restaurant. I bet you don’t want to hire me. Liberty, no matter what, we were once family, you…”

With her mother nudging her, Chelsea stopped short and left her words hanging.

Chelsea was used to it.

She was used to having her way with Liberty.

Grandma May turned on her heel and went to the loo. Shutting the bathroom stall behind her, the old lady whipped out her phone and gave Zachary a call.

Zachary soon took his nana’s call.

“What’s the matter, Nana?”

Grandma May could tell from Zachary’s husky voice that he was in a good mood. Needless to say, Serenity had something to do with it.

Such were the men of the York family. They only had eyes for the love of their life.

They would give all their emotions to their beloved, and only their wives could trigger any emotions in them.

“Give me Duncan’s number. I don’t have his number saved. I need to talk to him about something urgent.”


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