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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 983

“I’ll be right there. I’m sorry, Liberty.”

Hank apologized on behalf of his mother and sister before ending the call. Picking up his car keys, he told his father, “Dad, Mom and Chelsea made a fool of themselves at

Liberty’s diner again. Come with me to bring them back.”

Black in the face, Mr. Brown took a moment to swallow the news and said, “They have nothing better to do.”

They had a nice thing going on as a family, and it had all come to an end. It took Hank to get a new wife for Mrs. Brown and Chelsea to appreciate Liberty. Now the ladies would not stop harassing Liberty, and it was embarrassing.

“I’ll take your mom back to our hometown after your wedding. We won’t come to the city unless necessary.”

Mr. Brown believed taking his wife and daughter back home could give the newlyweds some space. The absence and distance would do them all some good. At least, the family would not be having fights every day. That way, his former daughter–in–law would be left alone too.

Hank’s silence reflected his acceptance of his father’s decision.

Liberty just got off the phone with her ex–husband when Duncan pushed open the glass door, all guns blazing. He had a team of security behind him too.

She was lost for words.

What was going on?

Grandma May thought to herself, ‘Oh, my. A party came.’

“Kick these troublemaking women out!”

Duncan entered and ordered the security guards to chase the mother and daughter out. Duncan tensed his scarred face and looked grimacing as he walked out of the restaurant and stood before the Browns, who were quaking in their boots.

“I own half the commercial spaces on this street. Are you trying to disrespect me by giving my tenant problems? I’m warning you. You’ll be in serious trouble if you continue to give problems to my tenant.

“Get lost!”

“W–We… We’ll leave r–right now!”

Mrs. Brown was scared out of her pants.

She grabbed her daughter and ran.

The mother and daughter raced into the car and drove off.

Jessica was watching everything from outside when Duncan came along with a security team. It was her cue to take cover in her car. Jessica secretly observed and even took a video to show Hank later.

Liberty had gotten herself another man. Hank had become the past, so he should just forget about Liberty and focus on his life with Jessica.

Once the mother and daughter were gone, Duncan returned to the diner while the security guards stayed put outside. However, it was rather striking to have a dozen men in uniform hanging around. Liberty’s neighbors popped their heads out to see what was going on.

These people did not know who Duncan was because Duncan hired someone else to collect the rent. They had no idea that the scarred face guy was their real landlord.

Duncan looked at the wide–eyed Liberty and then at Grandma May who was watching keenly. He had the feeling that he had been fooled.

After all, who was Grandma May?

Sure, Grandma May was old, but she was fit enough to handle Mrs. Brown and Chelsea. Besides, Liberty was no pushover. She could team up with Grandma May to kick those two out. There was no need for Duncan to play the hero.

Grandma May set him up.

Realizing that he had been duped, Duncan kept calm on the surface and approached Sonny like nothing ever happened. He got on his knee and pulled Sonny toward him to give him a cuddle.

Sonny did not take kindly toward Duncan’s hugs, so he started putting up a fight.

“You must be scared, Sonny. Don’t be scared. I’m here to save you.”

Liberty was speechless.


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