Married at First Sight Chapter 1753 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1753 by desirenovel

Azalea and her two elder sisters no longer had sisterhood.

Camryn: “It’s fine, I’ll wait for my aunt at home.”

Azalea: “Okay, then I will take a taxi there now.”

After a few words, Azalea ended the call with her niece.

Her aunt would arrive soon, so Camryn told Dalton: “Brother Dal, let’s go and buy some seafood. My aunt likes seafood.”


Dalton accompanied Camryn to buy a lot of seafood and returned home.

Camryn wanted to clean up the seafood so that her aunt could eat it when she came, but she couldn’t see it, so it was Dalton who helped in the end.

“I’m really useless.” Camryn said with low self-esteem, “I tried very hard to live like a normal person, but I couldn’t.”

Dalton comforted her: “Sister, don’t worry so much; your aunt will arrive soon. She must have found a miracle doctor because she came to share the good news with you before bringing you to God to have your eyes healed..”

That meant that Dalton and Azalea kept trying to help Camryn’s eyes, even though he was very busy at work and Azalea was often on the run.

Dalton provided financial assistance.

Azalea had a distant marriage and lived in luxurious environments with her husband’s family, but her business later failed and she came dangerously close to declaring bankruptcy. Even though it had now ascended once more, it still couldn’t be compared to earlier.

Azalea also spent a lot of money to help Camryn’s eyes. After Mr. Newman started to trust the Newman family, Dalton’s income kept going up, so he decided to help Azalea financially. In the beginning, he was the nicest person, and he couldn’t let Azalea get into money trouble.

“Is it so easy to see a miracle doctor? Just let it happen, I don’t want to heal my eyes as strongly as before.”

There were too many disappointments. After another ten years of living in the dark, Camryn got used to such days, and it would be best if she could recover her eyesight. If she couldn’t, she would live in the dark for the rest of her life.

Dalton stopped talking.

While the two were talking, the doorbell rang.

“Auntie must be here.”

Camryn happily went to open the door.


The person standing at the door of the villa was really her aunt, Azalea.

Azalea was over fifty years old, but she looked much older than her two older sisters. Maybe it’s because she worked so hard to heal her niece’s eyes. Her living situation wasn’t as good as that of her two older sisters, so she didn’t go to the beauty parlor as often. The hospital did beauty services, and the skin care products they used were now mid-range.

Even so, Azalea had never thought about her birth family’s property, unlike her two sisters, whose husband’s family had such good living conditions that they could be considered wealthy, and was so greedy that she wanted to occupy and split up her birth family’s property.

“Auntie, I was talking about you with brother Dal just now.” Camryn fumbled to open the door for her aunt, with a bright smile on her face.

It was only in front of her aunt that she completely let go of her guard, like a child.

After the aunt came in, she took Camryn’s hand and led her back to the house.

Dalton was busy in the kitchen, and he wanted to cook a table of seafood feast for Azalea himself.

“Auntie.” Wearing an apron and holding a spatula, Dalton came out of the kitchen and said hello with a smile.

Azalea smiled and said, “Dalton, I’m bothering you again.”

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1751~


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