Married at First Sight Chapter 1755 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1755 by desirenovel-Camryn remained silent.

Azalea patted the back of her hand again, and said, “I will go and assist Dalton in the kitchen.”

Then, Azalea got up and was about to leave. After remembering something, she sat down again and asked with concern: “Is Trenton still unwilling to see you?”

Camryn shook his head.

Azalea sighed, and said something for Trenton “He is also difficult to do, don’t blame him.”

Even though Camryn was right, it was hard for Trenton to accept that his respected older sister had sent his parents and second sister in with all of his parents.

Camryn: “I don’t blame him, Trenton is a good boy, I believe he will figure it out slowly.”

Azalea hummed, reminding Camryn: “You can’t just let Trenton hide outside all the time, and smoke a cigarette every day. Time to find him, don’t be tempted by those people to win over you and instigate Trenton to fight against you.

Where does Trenton live now? Give me the address, and I’ll talk to him.”

Camryn said, “He went to his classmate’s town, which was a long way from the city. It took him more than an hour to drive there. It is a very large place. Every time I went to look for him, I went in the front door, but he always left through the back door. I had no idea he was there. You can’t stop him if you can’t get to him.”

Camryn told her aunt where his brother was staying.

“My aunt and second aunt often go to Trenton, and they often call and send him messages. I heard from Trenton’s classmates that those people also call and send messages, they are all scolding me and speaking ill of me, so that Trenton will become stronger and take back the Newman family.

They also told Trenton that as long as Trenton needs them, they are willing to help Trenton take back the company unconditionally.

I can’t see, but not too badly. Trenton still has to go to university. Once the Newman family is handed over to him, how can he have time to take care of the business, won’t it fall into their hands?

Now that the company is under my control, even if Trenton is really taken care of by them Instigate against me, I will not hand over the company to Trenton, at worst I will file a lawsuit with him to distribute the property.”

After a moment of silence, Azalea said: “Camryn, I love Trenton the most out of your three siblings; you know how he has treated you for so many years; it is best if you don’t cry, at least there is still some brotherhood.

Don’t be like me and your two aunts and your uncle, Because of your father’s death and your affairs, I have already torn faces with them, and there is no brotherhood.

Of course, if Trenton really makes a wrong choice, I will stand firmly on your side. He is always your uncle and your mother’s biological son, with their selfish, ruthless and cruel blood flowing in his bones, maybe he will become even crueler than your uncle in the future.

You should also pay attention and sometimes, even your parents may not believe you, let alone you are a half-sibling.”

The fact that Camryn was almost killed ten years ago left her aunt Azalea with lingering fears, and she worried that Camryn would be like her second brother. In the end, he died in the mutilation of his brothers.

“auntie, I will.” Camryn now gave his younger brother enough time to accept the reality, but she never expected that the two siblings could reconcile as before. Even if they reconciled as before, how could the siblings get better?

Usually, she treated her younger brother with indifference.

It’s just that she knew that her younger brother had a bit of conscience and would protect her, unlike Carrie who always punished her, bullied her, and ploted against her.

She always remembered one thing, that is, she and her siblings didn’t have the same father.

Even with the same mother, her mother was extremely cruel to her, but doted on her younger siblings.

“Fortunately, you have Dalton and Second Young Master york helping you now, so I can rest assured, otherwise, I really dare not go home with peace of mind.”

Camryn: “Auntie, I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine living better than they do and making them mad.”

Azalea smiled, “I believe in you, you are a very strong child. Now I have to go to help Dalton.”

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1755~


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