Married at First Sight Chapter 1758 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1758 by desirenovel-Camryn went out with a bouquet of flowers.

Back then Callum asked her to send flowers to the company by herself. After Camryn walked back and forth several times, she had already memorized the route, and could easily go to the York Corporation without anyone’s help.

On the way to York Corporation, Camryn did not call Callum.

When she arrived at the York Corporation, she didn’t enter the company either, but waited at the door of the company.

When she arrived at the York Corporation, it was two minutes before the end of get off work time, and some employees had already come out of the company one after another.

Camryn was wearing a long white dress today, and was beautiful, holding a bouquet of bright and dazzling flowers, standing there like a fairy.

Everyone in the York Corporation knew about her relationship with Callum. Those who left the company on foot would greet her, and those who drove out would stop and press the window to greet her.

Camryn smiled back.


Camryn finally heard a familiar voice.

It’s not Callum’s, it’s Serenity’s.

At the request of her proud husband, Serenity came to pick him up from get off work again. She arrived earlier than Camryn and waited for him in Zachary’s office for half an hour.

When the Rolls-Royce that Zachary often sat in drove out, Serenity saw Camryn who looked like a fairy in white, and quickly asked the driver to stop, and she got out of the car and walked towards Camryn.

“Camryn, when did you come? Why don’t you go in?” Serenity asked with concern. Seeing her holding the bouquet, she thought it was her brother-in-law, Callum who asked her to deliver flowers, and it was rush hour again, so she said, “I’ll call Callum for you and ask him to come out to pick you up. Now there are too many people, it is easy to collide if you go in by yourself.”

Serenity thought that Camryn was standing here because there were too many people, and Camryn was worried that she would be bumped so she waited here.

“Serenity, Callum is on his way.” Zachary got out of the car, walked over, and took over his wife’s topic, “Callum is not in the company this afternoon.”

“Young Master York.” Camryn greeted politely.

After Zachary hummed, he said, “Ms. Newman, why didn’t you call Callum when you came? He didn’t even know you were here. Fortunately, he was in the Wiltspoon Hotel to discuss business with a client, so hurry back now I’ll be there soon.”

Camryn blushed a little, and she whispered, “I-I want to give him a surprise.”

So she didn’t call Callum in advance, because she thought he would be in the company.

Ignoring his identity, he went to discuss business on a regular basis, but whenever Camryn came over, he called her and stayed in the company to wait for her.

Serenity and Zachary exchanged glances, and there was a smile on Serenity’s face.

Did Camryn figure it out?

Turning passive into active, Camryn took the initiative to send flowers to Callum, and even said that she wanted to surprise Callum.

Serenity: “I understood. Then, you continue to wait here for Callum, let’s go first.”

Camryn nodded repeatedly, “Serenity, go ahead, I’ll just wait here.”

The York Corporation’s security guards on duty were watching, and Serenity was relieved. After giving Camryn a few words of advice, she and Zachary went back to the car.

Zachary: “Callum finally waited for Camryn’s reward.”

Serenity laughed, “Now It’s time to watch when Kevin wins Ms. Queen.”

Zachary said dotingly: “After watching the play of the third brother, Kevin, there will be the play of the fourth brother and the fifth brother. The rest of them are also growing up, and there will be good plays to watch.”


~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1758~


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