Married at First Sight Chapter 1763 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1763 by desirenovel-Camryn heard it but blushed.

It turned out that the staff of the York Corporation had long regarded her as the wife of their vice president.

Full of joy, Callum helped Camryn get into the car, and thoughtfully helped her fasten her seat belt. The bouquet of flowers she brought was still held by her.

After he returned to the car, he asked for her opinion: “Camryn, I want to take you back to Wildridge Manor, would you like to?”

Callum’s parents secretly visited her several times, because she never accepted his proposal. His parents didn’t dare to disturb her because of his feelings, she didn’t know that in the eyes of her future in-laws, she had already pushed him as a son into a corner, and became the one his parents wanted to spoil.

His mother said that she didn’t have a daughter in her life, so she just wanted to have a charming daughter-in-law like Camryn. her mother fell in love with Camryn when she saw her, and said that Camryn made people feel cared for at the first sight.

He took her back to Wildridge Manor, but the meaning was different.

It was like taking her to meet his family, his elders, for the first time.

Camryn said nervously: “But, I haven’t prepared any presents yet.”

Callum was really impatient, he had just agreed to be his girlfriend, and he was about to take her home to meet his parents.

Even knowing that his family knew about him and her, Camryn was still a little nervous.

When she went, it was like an ugly daughter-in-law seeing her in-laws.

“I don’t need a gift, as long as I can take you back home, it will make them happier than giving gifts to my family.”

Camryn: “That’s not good; the gift is essential. It’s my first meeting with my uncle and aunt; I can’t go there empty-handed, so you take me to a shopping mall now to buy some gifts.”

Callum smiled, “That’s fine, then I’ll take you to the shopping mall right now, and just buy some food and drink. My family doesn’t need anything. My mother has often said that having a daughter-in-law would fill a void in her life.”

Camryn’s face turned red again.

Callum took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to the family group: [I’m taking Camryn back to Wildridge Manor for dinner, and if you have time, everyone will go back to the villa.]

Zachary was the first to reply in the group: [Coincidentally, your sister-in-law also said to go back to the villa tonight, we are already halfway.]

Kevin: [Got it, let’s go home right away.]

The rest of the young masters, as long as they were in Wiltspoon, reply to Callum, and they would rush back home.

Rowan hadn’t had the summer vacation yet, and he didn’t bring his mobile phone with him at school, so he couldn’t respond to his second brother, Callum.

Of course, Callum automatically ignored Rowan as the youngest.

Children, the most important thing was to learn.

Rowan was not a child anymore, he’s a teenager!

When Callum’s parents received the news, His mother immediately replied: [How long will it take to arrive? Is it too late for Mom to ask the chef to cook a few more dishes? Camryn likes to eat sweet and sour fish, right? Mom will let the chef do it now, and he will pick out all the fishbone.]

Mrs. York was worried that the future daughter-in-law, Camryn would choke on the fishbone when she ate fish because she was blind, so she thought about asking the chef to take the fishbone out first.

If Camryn could see how kind her future mother-in-law was, she would be very moved.

The family crowd was buzzing.

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1763~


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