Married at First Sight Chapter 2663 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2663-After thinking about it, Hayden decided to wait until Kevin came back before telling him about the hot search.

Anyway, she had asked her secretary to handle it, and the hot search would be posted soon.

Not only did Hayden’s secretary deal with this matter, but Kevin’s secretary also immediately dealt with the hot search matter after learning about it.

That hot search didn’t even stay on the list for a few minutes before disappearing.

Over in Wiltspoon, Serenity, Zachary, and Sonny actually stayed at Lewis’s house for dinner. After knowing that Liberty had arrived safely, Serenity told Duncan the news and said to Duncan, “Brother Duncan, my sister will call you when she gets back to the hotel.”

Duncan, who was sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed by Zachary, smiled and said, “I know, Liberty sent me a message.”

Serenity smiled. “That’s good. You two can solve your own problems. Sonny, come down and take a walk. Don’t let Uncle Duncan hug you all the time.”

Duncan said, “It’s okay; I just like the feeling of Sonny sitting in my arms.”

He said that he would treat Sonny as his own.

Sonny still got off the ground, and he said, “My aunt always said to take a walk after dinner; what can I do?”

Duncan: “Can live to be 99.”

Sonny said, “Yes, yes, that’s it. I don’t want to become a fat man. I will meet Titus during the New Year. If I grow into a fat man, Titus will laugh at me.”

Sonny also loved faces.

Duncan said, “If you grow fat, you might be able to defeat Titus. You can use your weight to suppress him.”

Sonny: “Auntie, can I win like that?”

If he could defeat Titus, he could have a winter vacation.

Zachary smiled and said, “Just listen to your aunt’s lie to you. If you become fat and are not flexible enough, you will lose miserably. If you use your weight advantage to suppress the enemy, that is when the opponent is particularly weak. Is Titus weak?”

Regardless of who Titus’ master was or who the old miraculous doctor’s old friends were, Titus was far superior to an ordinary person who had practiced martial arts for ten years.

Zachary didn’t tell Sonny that Titus was very good in school and had innate advantages. He was a good martial artist and excellent in all aspects; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been chosen by Dr. Carden and accepted as his disciple.

To prevent Sonny’s self-confidence from being hit.

Only when there was someone to compete with would Sonny get better and better.

Sonny: “Auntie, did you lie to me?”

Everyone laughed.

Sonny said, “My aunt was led astray by my uncle.”

Zachary: “How could it be that your uncle led your aunt astray?”

“My aunt is with my uncle every day, and it was my uncle who misled me.”

Zachary was speechless.

His cell phone suddenly rang.

He stopped to answer the phone. The call was from Josh.

Not knowing what Josh said on the phone, Serenity noticed a look of fierceness in Zachary’s eyes and guessed that something was going on.

After ending the call, Serenity asked him, “What did Josh say?”

Zachary said, “He didn’t say anything. He can solve any business issues.”

He would return to work at the company the day after tomorrow, ending his marriage leave.

Serenity too.

Seeing that Zachary didn’t mean to say anything, Serenity didn’t ask any more questions.

If Zachary didn’t say it, it’s not important.


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