Married at First Sight Chapter 2666 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2666-Erika was also very disgusted with Janzen’s family. When a bunch of country bumpkins came over, they were asked to wait on them, treating them as maids.

Those people were greedy for petty gains. Every time they came, they were like bandits raiding the place and wanted to take everything away.

Fortunately, Matriarch Farrell didn’t like the Janzen family very much, so the bandits didn’t dare to come without her permission.

Otherwise, Erika would go crazy if she often dealt with these people.

Anya: “Sister-in-law, do you have a way to get that medicine?”

When she mentioned the favoritism between Holden and Shiloh after her husband cheated on her, Anya became angry and decided to plot against Shiloh with Erika, and they worked together to drive Shiloh out of the Farrell family.

Anyway, they couldn’t expect their husbands to become the head of the Farrell family. Since it’s not their turn, they would stand by Kathryn’s side and help Kathryn drive away Shiloh.

When Kathryn wanted to settle accounts in the future, considering that they had helped, she wouldn’t be too ruthless.

Erika said, “This is easy to handle. Just ask people to go to those romantic places to get some and bring them back. Call Amora, the third young mistress, and tell her about our idea. The three of us will be twisted into a rope. Can’t we deal with that impostor?”

Anya: “Do you want to tell Kathryn? After the incident, there is someone who can protect us.”

Erika said, “You don’t need to tell her. Although she is cruel, she still has very upright views and will not use such despicable means.”

Erika had some understanding of Kathryn’s character.

She knew that Kathryn would not use such despicable methods to deal with Shiloh.

Anya said, “Then I will go find Amora now. The three of us are tied together, and we are not afraid.”

Erika nodded.

After discussing the plan, Erika and Anya came out of the room and met Amora coming upstairs. When she saw the two sisters-in-law, she asked casually, “Elder sister-in-law, second sister-in-law, where are you going?”

Erika: “I haven’t gone anywhere. I just had enough to eat and want to go for a walk. Let’s go together.”

Amora thought for a while, then followed the two sisters-in-law and went downstairs again.

At the same time, the Farrell Group

Kathryn knocked on the door of the CEO’s office. After getting her mother’s permission, she pushed the door open and went in.

Matriarch Farrell didn’t have an office; she was sitting at her desk, puffing away.

Glancing at the ashtray on the table, it was full of cigarette butts. Kathryn persuaded her mother: “Mom, don’t smoke so many cigarettes.”

Matriarch Farrell said, “I’m used to smoking. I smoke whenever I want. I’m so old. If I’m really sick, I won’t be afraid of death.”

Kathryn said, “Mom, It’s auspicious that you will be healthy and live a long life. Mom, everyone is off work. Let me go to dinner with you. You have a bad appetite today. I see that you didn’t eat much at noon.”

She knew that Matriarch Farrell was sad because of Holden’s affair.

Reporters in the entertainment industry posted the Fortress Hotel incident where Matriarch Farrell caught an adulterer and beat up Holden and that girl online. It even made the trending search for a while, but she quickly suppressed it.

Suppressing hot searches does not mean that everyone is suppressed.

Matriarch Farrell was the topic of conversation among people in Jensburg after dinner.


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