The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6158

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6158-As soon as he said that, Mattaniah Cerghal sent another blast of gray energy in the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell’s direction.

Simultaneously, the middle-aged man raised his hand and blasted his golden energy. His attack deflected the gray energy instantly.

“What are you doing, Yegor?” Mattaniah shouted furiously.

“I think you shouldn’t make enemies out of these young men.” Yegor smiled faintly. “Otherwise, you might come to regret your actions later.”

Mattaniah laughed scornfully. “It seems you know these people quite well. You are here to help them. Am I right?”

“They don’t need my help.” Yegor’s smile broadened.

“If you insist on fighting them, people will question the appropriateness of your actions today. Moreover, you’ll probably succeed in wounding them. However, you will also end up severely injured.

“If that happens, the lustus Sect will lose their strongest protector. Would the Yaquis Sect and the Timaeus Sect let slip such a great opportunity to bring down the lustus Sect for good then?”

Mattaniah’s eyes narrowed. “You’re saying these people are capable of doing me harm?” “I can’t say for sure.” Yegor shook his head. “However, if it were me that was going up against the three of them, I probably wouldn’t be able to come out of the battle completely unharmed.”

Mattaniah fell silent.

Yegor was a sensible man who rarely interfered with the affairs of other groups or sects. Mattaniah could not help but wonder why Yegor went out of the way to do this today.

On the other hand, James had transformed the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell into an armor that was fitted snugly around his body. “You two should seize Quartney.

I’ll meet with that mysterious old man first.”

Lyla and Rebella had worried looks on their faces.

“Don’t worry.” James continued, “I won’t necessarily lose in a battle with that man.”

The ladies had a dawning realization upon hearing those words. James probably was not able to fully unleash his skills and powers during the battle since they were near him just now.

Meanwhile, James teleported and materialized before Mattaniah. He was finally able to see the elderly cultivator’s real appearance.

Mattaniah was an ordinary-looking, skinny old man, yet he emanated an overwhelming amount of Qrohm.

While James was staring at Mattaniah, the latter was observing him too. Soon enough, the two of them began staring hard into each other’s eyes.

Beside them, Yegor was watching the interaction between those two with great interest.

In James’ and Mattaniah’s minds, they had begun a battle by using their Zens.

In a matter of minutes, the two of them had millions of exchanges. James was able to hold up well as he demonstrated all of his skills and unleashed his full powers.

Eventually, James incorporated Lesia, Hemera, and Fennec into three violet – gold evil spirits. As he activated the Ultimate Golden Body, James, and his evil spirits generated a powerful blow against Mattaniah’s Historial Power attack.

Mattaniah’s eyes widened the next instant. He was completely taken aback.

On the contrary, James grinned. “It was a pleasure to battle you, Sir Mattaniah.”

“How was it possible for you to do that just now?” Mattaniah asked.

“In a long-range battle, I won’t be able to get close to you since there’s a huge difference between our cultivation,” James explained. “However, if I took the risk and used all my skills to hold against your Genesis Power and Historial Power, I could move close enough and injure you.”


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