The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6159

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6159-“Is that the benefit of mastering the Marciais Combat Form?”

Mattaniah drew a long breath. “A young kid like you has mastered both the Historial Power and the powers of the Marciais Combat Form? How astonishing…”

James merely smiled and said nothing.

Mattaniah furrowed his brows. “So, you were holding back because you wanted to avoid harming those two ladies earlier?”

‘That’s one of the reasons,” James replied.

Mattaniah asked, “What’s the other reason then?”

“I don’t want to engage in a full-on battle before we sort things out.” James responded, ‘The lustus Sect is Xitlaly’s home, after all. I do not want to make the situation awkward for any of US.”

Mattaniah laughed heartily. “We have great talents in the younger generation too, huh? I never would have expected that I would one day be spared during a battle because of a young lady.”

“You’re being overly humble, Sir Mattaniah.” James answered firmly, “With your powers, you can easily kill me with just one hit.

“However, you seemed to have a slight misunderstanding earlier. We didn’t come here to try and bring down the lustus Sect. Instead, we’re here to discuss Xitlaly’s marriage.”

“Xitlal/s marriage?” Mattaniah looked at James curiously. “Do you want to marry our saintess?”

James smiled wryly. “It is not me who wants to marry Xitlaly.

“It is my friend, Truett Sadler, who wishes to marry her. The two of them have decided to spend their lives together when they were still in the Forladtt Land.”

Mattaniah turned his eyes to Yegor. ‘Truett Sadler? He’s talking about your son?”

“Don’t stare at me like that.” Yegor smiled and shrugged. “I only found out now.” Mattaniah shot a glare at Yegor.

He could tell that Yegor must have been aware of this beforehand. Otherwise, he would not have shown up at the lustus Sect out of the blue.

Then, Mattaniah looked back at James. “In that case, why did you all start fighting?”

James stretched out his arm and grabbed at the air. In a flash, Quartney was transported next to James. James was holding Quartney by her collar.

‘You’ll have to ask her about that.”

The frown on Mattaniah’s forehead grew deeper as he took in Quartne/s wounded and disheveled state.

As soon as she spotted Mattaniah, Quartney got down on her knees and begged desperately, “Sir Mattaniah, you must help me…” Quartney had not finished talking when Mattaniah conjured his Genesis Power to envelope her. A few seconds later, a memory energy ball materialized above Quartney.

By using his Zen, Mattaniah scanned the energy ball and found out what had happened almost instantly.

He looked up and sighed wearily. “Quartney Bhasse… You’ve completely stained the lustus Sect’s reputation and integrity. Yet, you still want to ask for my help?”

Quartney looked at Mattaniah pitifully. “Sir Mattaniah, I did all of this for the lustus Sect…”

“For the lustus Sect?” Mattaniah seemed extremely disappointed. ‘You did all this for your son and your position as the lustus Sect’s leader, right?

‘You didn’t have the Tempest Scepter. I appointed you to be the acting leader of our sect. Yet, you weren’t satisfied with being just the acting leader. That is why you’ve done all these things, right?”

As Mattaniah had exposed her plans, Quartney hurriedly prostrated herself. “Sir Mattaniah, Xitlaly is engaged to my son. Yet, she went ahead and chose another man to be her partner. This is unacceptable!

‘This man, James Caden, was the one providing Xitlaly help. His skills and powers are of questionable origins. He even mastered you know who’s curse magic! He must be a Dark Demon!”

Quartney raised her gaze. “Sir Mattaniah, the Dark Demons are our enemies! I am simply trying to eliminate a cause of danger for our people and the Genesis Worlds by exterminating him!”

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