The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6160

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6160-A deep frown pulled Mattaniah’s brows together. He could not help but find Quartney foolish.

If it were only him and Quartney there, her explanation would have been sufficient.

However, Skynet’s Yegor had shown up at the lustus Sect as well. Yegor was clearly there to help James.

Most importantly, Yegor appeared to be unaware of the fact that his son had been poisoned with the Deadgory Bug. Otherwise, he would probably be trying to tear down the lustus Sect right away.

James was even sensible enough to let Quartney speak up first. He was probably considerate of Xitlaly’s situation as he had only tried to resolve their misunderstanding without saying much.

Everything would have been resolved if Quartney had given in and offered an apology to everyone.

Instead, she started accusing James of being a Dark Demon. Quartne/s actions would only make things worse and put the lustus Sect in an awkward position.

James snickered. “Again with the talk of the Dark Demons. Do you not have any better ideas?”

“You are one,” Quartney said bitingly, “Otherwise, how are you capable of performing you-know-who’s signature skills?”

James scoffed. “You call me a Dark Demon just because I’ve received Franciscus’ legacy. Let me ask you this. Did the lustus Sect send their members to join the tests to obtain Franciscus’ legacy before?” “You…” Quartney was rendered speechless.

James directed his gaze at Mattaniah and Yegor. “As far as I know, lustus Sect’s members and countless young cultivators from across the different Genesis Worlds have joined the tests. However, I was slightly luckier than everyone.

“You’re calling the receiver of Franciscus’ legacy a Dark Demon. Then, is the lustus Sect trying to form connections with the Dark Demons by sending your members to participate in the tests?”

Upon hearing his words, Quartney could only glare at James silently, whereas Mattaniah had an awkward expression on his face.

Yegor asked at that moment, “Madam Quartney, are you trying to imply that my son has conspired with a Dark Demon to abduct the lustus Sect’s saintess, who’s already engaged to another man?”

Those words gave Quartney quite a shock. She prostrated herself once again.

“Sir Yegor, I don’t mean to say that…”

“I came here for a visit today.” Yegor cut her off, “However, it seems we need to get to the bottom of things since this issue can greatly affect Truett’s and Skynet’s reputations.

“I will compensate the lustus Sect if my son is the one truly at fault. However… If it is proven that someone is trying to blacken Truett’s and Skynet’s names, I will not let that person get away with it.”

As he could sense that things were getting out of hand, Mattaniah yelled,”

Quartney! Are you going to keep making up more excuses?! Do you have a death wish?”

Mattaniah shot a ball of Genesis Power at Quartney. However, Yegor released his powers and blocked the attack.

“Yegor…” Mattaniah muttered.

“We are their elders. We must sort this out fairly.” Yegor said firmly, “Bring Truett here, and let him explain what happened.”

If they were to let Yegor meet Truett now, the incident of how Truett was poisoned with the Deadgory Bug would be exposed. The lustus Sect would have to face Yegor’s wrath.

Even Quartney had gradually realized the severity of the situation.

She and Mattaniah stared at James since he was the only person who could help diffuse the situation.

“Young man, you should help US if you really want to help your friend get married.

“On behalf of the lustus Sect, I promise that we’ll have our saintess marry Skynet’s young master. We’ll also pay for all the wedding expenses.”

‘This old fox is really smart and calculative. However, I can’t be happy with only these conditions.’ James scoffed inwardly as he listened to Mattaniah’s voice transmissions.

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