The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6161

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6161-After thinking about it, James replied, ‘That’s not enough!1 Mattaniah asked anxiously, “What else do you want, then?”

James said firmly, “I want the lustus Sect’s Leader to be changed. I’ll decide the next leader.”

Mattaniah retorted, ‘That’s too much! Our leader should be up to US to decide.

How can we let an outsider…”

James interrupted, saying, if Yegor finds out about everything, do you think the lustus Sect will still exist in the future?”

Mattaniah was stunned for a moment. He was afraid things would get out of hand.

Quartney interjected, saying, “I’m sure you don’t want to see Xitlaly sad, right, James? Plus, it was Xitlaly’s mother who…”

James sneered, “Shut up. You’re not qualified to speak to me yet.”

Quartney fell silent.

Yegor, who had grown impatient, grabbed Quartney, lifted her, and said, “

Where’s my son?! Will you hand him over not?”

Seeing Yegor’s hostility, Mattaniah quickly communicated with James telepathically again. He asked anxiously, “Do you want to become the lustus Sect’s Leader?”

James replied, “I’m not interested. But the person I have in mind can hold the lustus Sect’s Tempest Scepter and rightfully succeed the position.”

‘The Tempest Scepter? Are you sure?” Mattaniah’s voice trembled.

James smiled at him, then turned to Yegor and said, “Truett is currently recuperating in my soul space, Mr. Yegor. I’m afraid he won’t be able to leave for some time.” Yegor frowned and asked, “Is he injured?”

James answered smilingly, “It’s a man’s instinct to protect his lover. He was truly heroic.”

Yegor was stunned. After a while, he chuckled and placed Quartney down.” That son of mine is finally becoming more promising.”

Quartney and Mattaniah heaved in relief after seeing Yegor’s expression soften.

Mattaniah looked at Yegor and said smilingly, “We used to be life-and- death comrades once, Yegor. If our next generation also united, it would be a great continuation of our friendship. Our sect will take care of the wedding. You won’t have to worry. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

Yegor frowned and said, “Isn’t your saintess already engaged? Why are you talking about a marriage with my son??”

Mattaniah knew Yegor was a proud man. Even when the Timaeus Sect proposed a marriage with his son, he turned them down.

The Skynet was currently in its prime state. It was independent of the Righteous Alliance and the new alliance. They were a powerful force that could tip the Genesis World scale. Having a diplomatic marriage with the Skynet would be a blessing for the lustus Sect.

Once they are connected through marriage and form an alliance, the lustus Sect will no longer be pressured by the two major forces. It would be incredibly beneficial to their sect.

Mattaniah looked at James and said, “Aren’t you good friends with Truett and Xitlaly? They respect you, so could you…”

“Marriage is something decided by two individuals and their families. How can an outsider like me interfere?” said JJames.

Mattaniah thought to himself, ‘What a cunning man. It seems he won’t be willing to facilitate this marriage if I don’t agree to let him decide the next leader of the lustus Sect.’ He looked at Quartney, then said, “When did she get engaged? Why do I not know about this?”

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