The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6162

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6162-Stunned, Quartney raised her head and said, “Her parents and I decided on it long ago…”

Mattaniah said authoritatively, “Xitlaly is our sect’s saintess. She’s on an equal footing with you, the acting leader. What gives you the right to decide on her engagement?”

Quartney said confusedly, “You’ve met my son, Joaquin, before and even said you were satisfied…”

Mattaniah waved his hand to interrupt Quartney, then looked at Yegor and James, saying, “I think whether this marriage can happen is up to them. How about you let them out first, James? As for their injuries, I’ll see that they are healed.”

James raised his eyebrow and looked at Yegor, asking, “What do you think, Mr.


Yegor said coldly, “Marriage is a big deal. Ultimately, it depends on what they want.”

“Alright.” James waved his hand.

Truett and Xitlaly immediately appeared in front of them.

Seeing the two frail figures, Quartney unleashed two gray rays of light to wrap around them. He had a guilty conscience and was afraid that Yegot would spot something unusual about Truett.

After being baptized by the gray light rays, Truett and Xitlaly’s cultivation bases were immediately unsealed and they regained consciousness. They opened their eyes and were shocked by the sight.

When Xitlaly saw Mattaniah, she hurriedly knelt and said, “Grand Patriarch.”

Mattaniah nodded at her and said smilingly, “You’ve made a lot of progress while in the Forladtt Land. It’s impressive that you’re already at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation’s peak. You’ve also mastered the Orient Force.

You’ll have a bright future.”

Xitlaly raised her head and said, “I owe my achievements to James.

Without him, I would’ve died long ago.”

Yegor, standing aside, looked at Truett and said, “Do you not recognize your own father?”

Truett was slightly dazed for a while. After realizing his father was in front of him, he knelt and said, “Father!”

Yegor smiled and nodded, saying, “You’ve matured a lot, and your cultivation rank has also improved a lot. However, it seems you lack firepower. If James hadn’t given it his all in this fight, you might have died by now.”

Truett quickly turned to James. Before he could speak, James smiled, signaling him to stop.

Mattaniah laughed and said, ‘You’re exaggerating, Yegor. Is our sect a lion’s den or something? We’re not that dangerous.”

He looked at Truett and said smilingly, “This is just a misunderstanding. Once we clear things up, everyone will be happy. If you two marry, it will be a blessing for the lustus Sect and Skynet. It’ll be a continuation of the friendship between your father and I.”

James smiled and thought, ‘This old man sure is good at sugarcoating things.

He simply wants to gain Skynet’s support but is trying to make it sound more pleasant.’ Mattaniah added on, saying, ‘The bond that blossomed between you two in the Forladtt Land while fighting side by side is stronger than any other relationship out there. It’s fate that you two came together. On behalf of our sect, I give my blessing to the marriage…”

“I don’t agree!” Suddenly, a loud shout came from behind Mattaniah.

Immediately afterward, a Sword Light pierced through the air, and a tall handsome man materialized from it.

Quartney said anxiously, “What are you doing here, Joaquin?”

Joaquin stared at Mattaniah and said angrily, “I do not agree to this marriage!

Xitlaly is my betrothed. How can Skynet abuse their power to take her from me?

Is there no justice anymore?!”

“Presumptuous!” Mattaniah shouted furiously, then launched an attack at Joaquin. However, Yegor immediately stepped between them.

Startled, Mattaniah turned around and said, ‘Yegor…”

Yegor said arrogantly, “How can I let my son bear the sin of stealing someone else’s betrothed? How would we raise our heads in the future?”


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