The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6164

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6164-Truett turned to Yegor, knelt, and said, “I’m sorry for always being a troublemaker and getting myself into fights, Dad. In the past, I only did it for entertainment and to satisfy my ego. My actions must’ve caused you great embarrassment.

“However, today is a different situation. I am fighting for my love and my dignity as a man. I beg of you not to intervene. Even if I lose my life in the battle, please don’t try to avenge me. I would be proud to have died fighting honorably.”

Xitlaly said anxiously, “Let me fight him, Truett.”

“No!” Truett turned to Xitlaly and said smilingly, “You’ve been in so many dangerous situations in the past and have gone through so much already. The man who claims to be your fiance abandoned you so many times, and you must’ve been extremely disappointed.

“I’m not like him. I’m a man of dignity and will stand my ground. Even though I’m weaker than you, I’ll be your shield in the face of danger.

“We’ve already made an oath never to leave each other. Please don’t deprive me of my dignity as a man, okay?”

Xitlaly burst into tears and choked up, “I won’t be able to live without you.”

Yegor immediately unleashed a powerful Qrohm and said, “I’m proud to have a son like you.”

After speaking, Yegor turned to James, who had been silent for a while.

“I must thank you, James. You’ve been a good friend to my son. He has changed from a cynical brat into a strong-willed and tough man.” Yegor raised his hand, pointed at Truett and said, “Go on, fight. Do whatever it takes to take down your enemy. Even if you die, it should be on the battlefield!”

Truett kowtowed to Yegor then stood up and looked at James.

The two looked at each other firmly as if they had exchanged a thousand words just through their eyes.

After a while, James raised his hand and patted Truett’s shoulder, transmitting a trace of Marciais Power and Historial Power into Truett’s body.

Truett was shocked by James’ actions.

James said solemnly, “For Xitlaly, you must survive. Defeat your enemy at all costs. Use your soul, body, bones and all your Supernatural Powers to fight.

While speaking, James rested his other hand on Truett’s shoulder. The Yuraeceon Genesis Bell immediately transferred over and formed into armor on Truett’s body.

Truett’s face lit up with excitement.

Immediately afterward, Mattaniah and Yegor unleashed their powerful forces into the void to create a massive arena enveloped within a barrier.

Truett entered the arena with a golden sword in hand.

Joaquin clenched his fists, shook off Quartney, and followed into the arena. He did not wait for someone to officiate the match and immediately launched attacks at Truett.

His terrifying Sword Energy spread through the arena, then darted toward Truett.

With a loud bang, a powerful gray force erupted from Truett’s body, and he instantly entered the Second Marciais Combat Form. At the same time, he activated his Genesis Divine Light.

Truett circled in the spot, swinging his giant sword to destroy the incoming Sword Energies.

Yegor’s eyes lit up, and he gasped, “The Second Marciais Combat Form?”

He immediately turned to James with a face of gratitude.

James looked at Rebella and Lyla, saying, “That bastard is such a bully. He attacked first even though he is much stronger than Truett.”

Lyla whispered, “Although Joaquin is at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation’s peak, his cultivation base isn’t stable yet. He probably only just made the breakthrough recently.”

In the arena, Truett and Joaquin cast their strongest Supernatural Powers. Their Sword Energies permeated the void, causing the spectators to watch in awe.

Xitlaly, on the other hand, clenched her hands so tightly that her nails dug into her palms. Her beautiful face was full of anxiousness.

Rebella stood beside her and whispered, ‘There’s a huge gap in their cultivation rank. Truett shouldn’t try to fight him with his cultivation base and Genesis.

Instead, he must use his Marciais Combat Form and fight at close range.”

Lyla watched the fight and murmured, “That’s strange. How is Truett able to resist Joaquin’s attacks without being injured? Joaquin has the strength of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation’s peak.

James smiled and answered, “Because he has armor on.”

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