The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6166

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6166-James frowned at the situation.

Quartney had gone insane. She called for all of the lustus Sect’s forces to protect her son. Her actions were equivalent to waging a war against them.

Rebella and Lyla looked at lustus Sect’s troops swarming around them. The two immediately spread out in different directions, preparing for the battle.

As soon as the two at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, their Qrohm permeated the void and slowed down the marching army.

Yegor’s face darkened, and he growled, “Is the lustus Sect waging war, Mattaniah?”

Startled, Mattaniah shouted, “What are you doing, Quartney?!!”

Quartney turned and replied coldly, “I’ve always obeyed you, Grand Patriarch.

Although I’m the sect’s acting leader, I’ve lived like your puppet.

“I thought you’d eventually pass the title to me if I satisfied you. I can’t believe you’re desperately trying to curry favor with Skynet’s leader and completely disregard all my years of service. You left me no choice!”

Mattaniah growled, “So, are you rebelling against me?”

Quartney raised her head and laughed, “I know you’re a powerhouse at the Quasi Daeclon Rank. If you want me dead, I’d be at your mercy. Go ahead and take action if you want to witness the lustus Sect destroyed.”

After speaking, Quartney swung her arm out, and a red light permeated the void.

The red light instantly shrouded the billions of lustus Sect’s members.

Immediately afterward, a red Curse Inscription appeared on the foreheads of members that had passed the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank.

Mattaniah shouted furiously, “You monster! Did you curse all of them?!!’’ Quartney smiled menacingly and said, “That’s not an ordinary curse. It’s called the Sorrowful Spirit’s Curse. I acquired it from a fragmented scroll left behind by Franciscus. I combined it with Deadgory Bugs and cursed every member above the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank.

“Once I die, everyone cursed will also perish, regardless of their strength.”

Quartney laughed wildly and said, “It’ll be easy for you to kill me, but I’ll bring down everyone above the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank with me. That includes the Heavenly Warriors, eighty-four powerhouses at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, three hundred or so at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation’s upper grade, and middle grade. You’ll be destroying the lustus Sect.

Ultimately, I win.” Mattaniah glared at Quartney furiously.

Yegor snorted, “She must be bluffing.”

Mattaniah said hurriedly, “We can’t take risks, Yegor. Quartney has always secretly worshipped that demon, Franciscus. She has been working hard to collect his curse manuals to cultivate them. If she is telling the truth, killing her will bring down my entire sect.”

Yegor squinted and asked, “Where did she get so many Deadgory Bugs from?

Could she have already conspired with the Timaeus Sect’s Xachary?”

Mattaniah slowly closed his eyes, and he scanned Quartne/s memories. After a while, he said shakingly, “Yes. She has indeed colluded with Xachary. The Deadgory Bugs are from him.”

Yegor said with a frown, “He sure is cruel and ruthless.”

Quartney shouted, “Release my son! Or else I’ll destroy the lustus Sect right now!”

Mattaniah released a burst of Genesis and dragged Joaquin out of the arena.

“Remove their curses, or else I’ll kill him.”

Quartney snorted, “After I remove their curses, will you let US live? Try me. Let’s see if you have the guts to kill my son or if I have what it takes to really take down the sect with me.”

Mattaniah was furious. He was a powerhouse at the Quasi Daelcon Rank but was being manipulated by the acting leader he had raised. He felt disgraced and humiliated by the situation.

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