The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6167

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6167-The tens of billions of the lustus Sect’s mighty army marched closer and surrounded them.

When Lyla and Rebella were about to go on a killing spree, James suddenly sent a telepathic message to Truett.

Immediately afterward, Truett waved his hand, and a staff filled with a dazzling light appeared before Xitlaly.

Xitlaly looked at it in disbelief and exclaimed, “The Tempest Scepter?”

Truett shouted, “You know how to use it, right?” Xitlaly immediately grabbed the Tempest Scepter and infused the Light of the lustus Sect’s saintess into it. Then, she soared into the sky.

She raised the Tempest Scepter, and it immediately released a blinding light throughout the sky.

The marching troops immediately came to a stop and looked toward the sky.

After a brief shock, they knelt in fear.

Mattaniah raised his head, and his lips trembled in shock. He exclaimed excitedly, “l-ls the Tempest Scepter back?”

“The Tempest Scepter? How is that possible? There were no signs of it reappearing!” Quartney looked into the sky in fear.

Meanwhile, Cerise and a group of disciples knelt in fear above the ruins of the lustus Sect’s main hall.

Cerise shouted excitedly, “My daughter has acquired the Tempest Scepter!

She’s the real leader of our sect! My daughter is the new leader!!!” Outside the lustus Sect, countless cultivators from the Righteous Alliance and new alliance also noticed the bright light coming from the lustus Sect. An uproar immediately burst out, and discussions sparked.

Gladwin, who was standing atop a mountain, stared at the light. He squinted and murmured, “Has the Tempest Scepter reappeared?”

An elderly man with white hair nodded gently and replied, “It seems the lustus Sect is about to have a comeback, Mr. Gladwin.”

Gladwin sneered, “Not necessarily. Didn’t you see the Heavenly Warriors leading troops toward their headquarters? Something big must’ve happened.”

The elderly man asked, “Do you think Quartney has rebelled?”

Gladwin snorted, “Who is she rebelling against? It couldn’t possibly be Mattaniah…” Before he finished speaking, his face suddenly darkened. “That might be possible, actually.”

Gladwin turned around and shouted, “Closely monitor the new alliance’s movements! Make sure Yaquis doesn’t enter the lustus Sect.”

The elderly man nodded and left hurriedly.

Meanwhile, outside of the new alliance’s headquarters, the Yaquis Sect’s Leader, Yaquis Holiness, led a group of powerhouses at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation. They silently looked up to the light from the lustus Sect for a long time.

After a while, Yaquis said coldly, “Something big is about to happen in the lustus Sect. Our plan to instigate Quartney to rebel is about to succeed.”

“Can I have the Behaterm Sect’s Leader immediately lead some disciples to the lustus Sect’s headquarters to check on the situation?”

An elderly man nodded at him and left instantly.

Yaquis sighed. “We still have to beware of sneak attacks from Gladwin. Just you wait, Gladwin. You’ll immediately flee as long as the lustus Sect is brought to this.”

After speaking, Yaquis snorted and returned to the new alliance’s headquarters.

Meanwhile, the group of powerhouses stood in place, exchanging confused gazes.

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