The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6168

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6168-Xitlaly held the Tempest Scepter high in the sky, allowing it to emit a sacred and radiant light. She scanned the tens of billions of troops kneeling to her and said, “Where’s the Heavenly Warriors?”

Four peerless powerhouses instantly flew over from all directions.

“I’m the East Heavenly Warrior, Madam.”

“It’s an honor, Madam. I’m the South Heavenly Warrior.”

“Pleased to meet you, Madam. I’m the West Heavenly Warrior.”

“Madam. I’m the North Heavenly Warrior.”

Seeing the Heavenly Warrior kneeling before her, Xitlaly sighed, “I’m not the lustus Sect’s Leader. I’m the lustus Sect’s saintess.”

The four powerhouses raised their head simultaneously.

“We only acknowledge the Tempest Scepter.”

“Whoever can wield the Tempest Scepter is our leader.”

“That’s right. You hold the Tempest Scepter, so you’re our leader.”

“The holder of the Tempest Scepter is our leader. That cannot be changed.”

Xitlaly nodded slightly at their persistent words and said, ‘Then, I order you to stop the army from advancing and retreat near the headquarters to be on standby.

The Heavenly Warriors nodded. Just as they were about to stand up, Quartney’s furious voice came from the void.

“What’s so great about having the Tempest Scepter? Do you want to perish or listen to her just because of a stick?”

The Heavenly Warriors hesitated after hearing Quartney’s threat. It was a difficult choice forthem to make.

Quartney roared, “I’m the real leader of the lusus Sect! I will count to three.

Attack instantly and kill all these evil demons who are in my way.

Otherwise, I’ll destroy your souls!”


As soon as she finished counting, James appeared behind her and kicked her.

“You!” Quartney steadied herself, turned around, and glared at James angrily.

James growled, “Do you still not understand the situation? Can’t you see who’s in charge now? Who gave you the guts to intervene now?” Quartney shouted, “James, you…”

James interrupted, saying, “You’re making too much noise! Can’t you see my friends having their moment? How dare someone insignificant like you be so disrespectful? Are you ignoring my existence?”

“If not because I’m unprepared to go through another tribulation, I would have absorbed all your energy and returned you to your original form.”

N 99 Quartney replied, “You…”

James shouted, “Get lost. Kneel somewhere conspicuous, or else I’ll strip you naked and make you run around the lustus Sect for an entrapoch.”

Quartney growled, “How dare you…”

“You’re still not willing to back down?” James snorted, then took action.

A violet-gold Curse Inscription suddenly wrapped Quartney’s whole body, causing her to scream miserably. She covered her head and struggled in pain.

After a while, she fell headlong to the ground and rolled around to ease the pain.

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