The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6169

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6169-Everyone was utterly stunned by the scene. Nobody expected Quartney, who was acting arrogantly and domineeringly just seconds ago, to have suddenly ended up in such a tragic situation.

Everyone shuddered in fear as they watched her roll around in pain while letting out screams of agony.

Yegor laughed and said, “How could I forget you’re proficient in Curse Magic.”

Mattaniah asked surprisedly, “Did James curse her?”

Yegor said smilingly, “Don’t you find these screams familiar? As expected from Franciscus’ successor, he’s extraordinary. It seems you’ll need him to save your sect.”

Mattaniah gasped after hearing his words. The lusus Sect was one of the Ancient Genesis World’s top ten strongest ancient forces. Yet, they were in a position where they had to rely on someone only at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Eight Tribulation.

Thinking of the condition James had proposed, Mattaniah shuddered. He was worried the lusus Sect would no longer be under his control if he agreed to have James choose their next leader.

James shouted, “You haven’t surrendered yet, Joaquin. You should keep fighting.”

Joaquin shook his head, knelt, and said, “l-l don’t want to fight anymore.

Please…help my mother. I don’t want anything else now. I give up on Xitlaly. We don’t want the position as the lusus Sect’s Leader either.”

James snorted. “We’ve already come to this, and you’re still thinking of the position when you’re still unsure of whether you’ll leave with your lives?

“Since you’ve decided to admit defeat, you should do it to the right person.”

After standing stunned in place for a moment, Joaquin hurriedly approached Truett. He knelt, kowtowed, and said, “Please spare my mother, Truett. I admit defeat and will give you everything! I don’t want anything anymore.”

Truett sighed. “Nothing even belonged to you in the first place. Unfortunately, you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions.” After speaking, Truett slowly raised his golden sword.

Xitlaly hurriedly shouted, “Don’t kill him, Truett.”

Truett’s brows furrowed.

Xitlaly walked over to Truett, looked at Joaquin kneeling on the ground, and said coldly, “Back then, your mother wanted to make me drink Cursed Wine.

However, you warned me, and I avoided a catastrophe.

“Now, my husband and I will spare your life to repay you. From now on, our ties will be severed. Let’s not contact each other until the end of our lives.”

Joaquin hurriedly raised his head and said, “You can kill me, but please save my mother.”

Mattaniah approached and said coldly, “Your mother has committed a grave sin.

You’ve also caused a lot of trouble.”

After speaking, Mattaniah unleashed a golden light and sealed Joaquin’s cultivation base.

The next moment, Joaquin fell to the ground with a loud bang next to his mother.

“My son!” Quartney screamed heartbreakingly but did not have the strength to grab Joaquin.

Mattaniah hovered in the void, clasped his hands at James, and asked,” Could you please save the lusus Sect?”

James rolled his eyes and said, “Me? How can I, a mere cultivator at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Eighth Tribulation, save your sect?” Mattaniah said humbly, “You’re being humble. Although you’re only at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Eighth Tribulation, your strength is comparable to the peak of the ninth tribulation.

“Moreover, you’re Franciscus’ successor. I’m sure you have a way to remove the curse Quartney placed on our sect’s members. As long as you help me, our sect will do whatever you ask as a repayment.”

James frowned. He turned to Yegor and asked, “Did you really drag me into another problem?”

Yegor laughed and said, “Those who are capable should do more! Everyone is saying humans are cunning and ruthless. Why don’t you represent US today and show them who the real demons are? As for the conditions, you ask for whatever you want.”

After speaking, Yegor winkled at James.

James turned to Mattaniah and said, “Then I’ll state my condition.”

Mattaniah closed his eyes and nodded with a look of despair. He knew whatever was coming, but he had no choice. Either he lets Quartney destroy everything or grabs onto a glimmer of hope by being manipulated by James

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