The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6170

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6170-James stared at Mattaniah and said, “The first condition is that I have to choose the next leader of the lusus Sect.” “Alright.” Mattaniah’s cheeks twitched, and he nodded with difficulty.

James said slowly, “Secondly, I need you to relocate.”

Mattaniah raised his head and asked surprisedly, “Me? Where do you want me to go?’ James replied smilingly, ‘You’ll know when the time comes. Just tell me whether you agree to it or not.” Mattaniah refused decisively, “I can’t. I will never leave the lusus Sect. I can’t compromise on this.”

James shrugged and said, “Then how about splitting the lusus Sect in two?

You’ll command one of them and can stay here. I’ll take over the other part.

Sounds fair, right?”

Mattaniah clenched his fists and stared at James, thinking, ‘He sure is sneaky.

Even so, splitting the sect in half is better than completely ceasing to exist.’ After deciding, Mattaniah gritted his teeth and nodded. “We can talk about it.”

James said calmly, ‘Thirdly, the marriage between Truett and Xitlaly has to be grand. Skynet will take charge of arrangements, and prominent figures from the Genesis Worlds will be invited.”

Mattaniah narrowed his eyes and replied, “No problem.”

James said smilingly, “As for the fourth condition, let’s discuss it privately. I’m not in a rush anyway.”

Mattaniah was silent. He thought to himself, ‘You’re not in a rush, but I am. This is a crucial period that will determine our sect’s survival.’ James smiled and said, ‘That’s it. Let’s sign the contract.”

After speaking, James waved his hand, and a soul contract appeared in the void.

Mattaniah looked at the contract and said sarcastically, ‘You’re being pretty formal about this.” While speaking, Mattaniah released his Zen and signed the soul contract.

James reassured him, “Within one epoch, I’ll restore everyone in your sect to normal. However, my main priority now is Truett and Xitlaly’s wedding.”

Seeing that James had no intention of helping the lusus Sect’s members lift the curse immediately, Mattaniah grabbed him and said, “If Quartney goes crazy, my sect…” James replied smilingly, “I’ve already placed a hundred and eighty thousand curses in her body. I’m completely in control of her every move. She won’t even be able to self-destruct without my permission.” Mattaniah took a deep breath and said, “You’ve really acquired Franciscus’ inheritance.” James smiled indifferently, turned around, and said, “I simply came to propose a marriage for my friend, but so much has happened.”

He turned to Truett and said, “Since we’re here to propose marriage, we’ll have to at least go through the proper procedures. To uphold Xitlaly’s dignity, you should make preparations right away.”

Truett immediately understood James’ intentions.

Rebella and Lyla remained in front of the army, monitoring their every move.

James raised his head and looked at Xitlaly, enveloped by a bright light. Then, he said, “Ask them to retreat for now. otherwise, they will be killed without mercy.” Xitlaly raised the Tempest Scepter and immediately issued the order.

The Heavenly Warriors immediately carried out her order.

After the army retreated, the tension in the area had finally lifted.

At that moment, Xitlaly suddenly appeared in front of James. She handed him the Tempest Scepter and said, ‘This belongs to you, here…”

James interrupted, saying, ‘You should keep it. However, don’t ever let anyone else hold onto it. Otherwise, it will be the end of our friendship.”

Xitlaly was stunned by his words. After a while, she laughed, saying, “Do you think I’m stupid? How could I ever hand such a valuable treasure to someone else?”

Mattaniah stood aside, staring at the Tempest Scepter. He had an awkward expression and hesitated to speak.

Suddenly, Xitlaly asked, ‘Where’s Truett?”

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